A Woman Walks Into A Spanking Party And …

Somehow the best description and the worst characterization of a spanking fetish occurred in the same article on Salon.com in a piece by Frisky contributer Anna David called “The Joy of Spanking.”

First, the best description of a spanking fetish, as described by a man who has one. While at a spanking party in New York City’s West Village, she talks to Gary, who explains how spanking is a need, not a want, and vanilla sex just isn’t an option: “I really like vanilla ice cream, but I like it as part of a banana split; without the nuts and the chocolate sauce and the whipped cream and the banana, I’m bored.”

And now, for the worst. Well, read the article.The subhead “Fetishists open up about their private thrill, where it came from — and how normal they really are” came off as obnoxious, especially since David described in her article some pretty extreme situations, like a married couple with a live-in spanking partner five days a week. That’s not typical or normal — despite the fact that enjoying a sexual spanking kink in the bedroom really, really is normal. (In fairness to David, though, subheads to articles are usually written by editors, not the journalists themselves.) Even though I wasn’t even at the party, I resented the “Can you believe these people aren’t freaks?!” tone. The way she physically described the spanking enthusiasts came off as obnoxious:

“… this is not a group that’s going to be confused with the one lining up for fashion week at Bryant Park. There doesn’t appear to be a sign of plastic surgery or a gym-sculpted body in sight — just the sort of normal-looking folks you might see at the DMV or an airport.”

There’s not a “gym-sculpted body in sight”? Was that really necessary?

One of her observations was just straight-up factually incorrect. Anna David interviewed a 47-year-old spanking enthusiast who claims he knew he wasn’t into the kink at age seven. “[But] back then, the idea of ‘liking to be spanked’ would have sounded nuts,” she writes. “Until the ’90s, there wasn’t even much of a scene at all.” Google the words “vintage spanking.” Kink happened before the Internet, I swear it!

I’m glad Salon had an article about spanking fetishes — but this one left a lot to be desired. [Salon]