Women’s Sexual Fantasies As Confusing As Ever

A few months ago, I posted about a list of “women’s sexual fantasies” that appeared in Men’s Health. I wrote that the majority of the fantasies listed were “so off-the-mark and absurd, I [worried] about men incorporating these fantasies into their sexual routines and turning off women so dramatically that all sex becomes just a fantasy.” Many of you agreed that the list didn’t come close to reflecting women’s true fantasies, and Men’s Health must have listened because they’ve published a new list of women’s sexual fantasies — only these sound suspiciously like men’s top desires! After the jump, see what the publication is telling its (mostly male) readers we women want in the sack.

  1. To be watched as we “stimulate” ourselves
  2. To be dominated (hand-cuffing, spanking, hair-pulling)
  3. To have sex in public
  4. To make a homemade porn flick
  5. To have a threesome

Now, I’m not saying that there aren’t women who do fantasize about these things, but I can think of about, oh, a hundred other things most women desire more than, like, making a porn flick with their luvahs. In fact, if you asked women what their fantasies are, I bet most of the scenarios Men’s Health listed would even make the top five. Actually, we don’t have to speculate — we did ask women what their secret fantasies are, and you know what topped the list? Dirty-talk and gay porn. Spanking got a few mentions, too, but not a single person mentioned homemade pornos.