11 Things We’d Never Expect To Turn Guys On (But Totally Do)

Have you ever noticed that most of your traditional efforts to catch a guy’s interest (high heels, red lipstick, and such) go unnoticed, but on the day you drag yourself to the drug store for cold medicine, in pajamas, with unwashed hair and a crusty nose, you have to swat potential suitors away with a stick? One thing’s for sure: we’ll never truly understand the things that turn guys on. We shouldn’t try tot make sense of their love of unkempt bikini lines and vagina sweat (although we are sensing a general cavewoman theme), we should just go with it. From burping to unwashed hair, here are some things that we never expected to turn guys on, but, for some reason, have totally gotten them all revved up. Go figure.

1. The site of your grown out bikini line. It’s a myth that guys don’t like pubes. There are many dudes who love nothing more than running their thumb along an unkempt bikini line.

2. Ass hair. Ditto for the hair that grows in your ass. Women go to great lengths to remove it; guys go hogwild for it.

3. Watching you blow your nose. There must be something innately arousing about any fluids you release from you body? That’s our best guess.

4. Watching you pee. Not actually peeing on them (although some are into that), just listening to your stream. Again, that fluid thing.

5. Your armpits, just because you don’t like them touched. Men can’t resist an off-limits body part.

6. Not wearing makeup for a week and/or not washing your hair. The dirtier you are. the more insane it seems to drive them. Makes you wonder why you even bother with basic hygiene, doesn’t it?

7. Vagina sweat — or any sweat. If he could bathe in your sweat, he would.

8. Food babies. Especially if they cooked the food that gave you that cute, round belly.

9. Cleaning the toilet on your hands and knees. We don’t whether it’s the body position or the image of subservience that gets them going, but a bathroom cleaning session is like sexual catnip.

10. The way you tie your hair up into a frizzy, messy knot when you don’t want to bother with it.That haphazard hairstyle may earn you a spontaneous fuck.

11. Burping and farting. Not the smell, per se, just the sound. But even if it does smell (within reason, if it’s really bad, you might get kicked out of bed), it will usually earn you a FUCKYEAAAHHHHH, BABY!

[Photo from Shutterstock]