5 Fun Situations You Should Always Get Into When Out With Your Friends

As we covered last week, ladies’ night is essential. It’s time to check in with your girls, escape, and really get your bond on while leaving the work week behind. It’s also an evening that calls for sequins and stilettos; well, usually.

If you’re out owning the streets with your crew, you’re bound to get into some situations that can be both sticky and fun. What’s a night without a little drama? It’s a night you could have just stayed home, that’s what. So, do the night right, and don’t miss a beat.

1. Make a scene. Whether it’s an entrance that others would kill to make, recovering from a fall after darting in front of a cab to catch up with your friends, or exiting an establishment with class after someone in the group has tipped over the 10th martini of the night, an evening on the town will never be free of some sort of mini-catastrophe. It’s in how you handle it by one-upping your stumbles with a scene that really counts. Besides, who doesn’t love to be the momentary center-of-attention when they’re dressed to the nines?

2. Play wing-woman. Spy a gentleman who fits the bill for one of your girlfriends? Great! This is your opportunity to play wing-woman and give back to a friendship that’s given a lot to you. You know she’d do it for you, because she has a million times before, so return the favor, and strut on up to the potential suitor and his friend to start the magic.

3. Dance off. OK, before you roll your eyes, just think about how amazing it will be on Monday to tell your co-workers, with a “no big deal” shrug that, “… then we had a dance off…” Even if you and your friends didn’t lay it down like something out of “Save the Last Dance,” the point is that you can forever relay back to that time you were in a dance off.

4. Give out a fake number. Completely stereotypical of a ladies’ night out, and definitely one of the oldest tricks in the book when trying to escape a dude who’s extra clingy and doesn’t “get” what you’re saying. However, that aside, do it for the giggle factor. Adults don’t giggle enough, and it’s great exercise for the face.

5. Diner recap. The only real way to close out a ladies’ night is a proper recap, and diners are great for this because they’re open late. You haven’t done the evening proud, if you don’t huddle around a table at 4am and go over all the awesomeness and the glorious disasters that the evening handed you. For example: “ You guys, how amaze-balls was our dance off?” You and your ladies are too legit to quit, and you know it.

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