7 Times When Loud Sex Is A Really Bad Idea

Loud sex is one of those things that’s only enjoyable for the people having it. For the rest of us, it’s highly uncomfortable. Unless you’re in the middle of the forest or a cheap motel, have some respect for others and try to be discreet for godssakes. Especially if, say, you are going at it in the bathroom of fast food restaurant. Recently, a UK couple was escorted out of a McDonald’s for not being anywhere near discreet enough.

“They were suited and booted. The lady was in a skirt suit and the man was in a suit as well. They looked maybe late-30s, not even young – old enough to know better anyway … People who had gone in started coming back from the toilet with a horrified look on their faces … My daughter then went herself. She told me that they were at it on the floor,” reported a witness who wishes to remain anonymous.

“We can confirm that a couple were found behaving inappropriately in our toilets,” said a McDonald’s spokesman.

And I can confirm that loud sex in a fast food restroom is an awful idea. How anyone can get aroused in a McDonald’s bathroom in the first place is beyond me. Germs!? [Daily Mail]

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