Woman Sues Over Loud Roommate Sex

Most of us either have already experienced or will eventually experience the roommate who is just a little too open with their sex lives. I have definitely been kept awake by muffled moans, creaking beds, dirty talk and noises that cannot be defined while sharing a place with someone else. One of my friends even told me that she walked in on her very skinny male roommate while a rather voluptuous woman was gagging him.

Most of us are willing to put up with the occasional roommate sexcapade. But one Massachusetts college student says she has had enough — and she sued for $150K.

Lindsay Blankmeyer, a former student at Stonehill College, recently filed a suit against the school claiming that her roommate’s “alleged inappropriate sexual behavior drove her into a deep depression.” Lindsay’s kinky roommate allegedly engaged in online sex acts — whatever that means — and even got it on with her boyfriend while Blankmeyer was in the room.

Supposedly Blankmeyer, a then-senior at the college, filed a complaint against her roommate with the college, but never notified them that her concerns had anything to do with her roommate’s special activities. They claim that she was presented with several options for housing on campus, including a private room. However her family and psychiatrist claim Stonehill refused Lindsay’s request for a private room and in the following weeks she fell into “a dark and suicidal depression requiring her to take a leave of absence from school and undergo extensive psychiatric and medical treatment.”

Oh Lindsay, Lindsay. $150,000? Really? I tried not judge, but after reading that you already suffered from previous diagnoses for depression and attention deficit disorder and were briefly hospitalized during your freshman year (for reasons unstated), I’m beginning to think you are trying to pin your pre-existing medical issues on your sex-loving roommate. Is there such a thing as “being-in-the-same-room-while- roommate-gets-it-on-induced depression”? I highly doubt it, or I think we’d be hearing about this kind of thing a lot more. [ABC News]      

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