Astrology 101: 13 Reasons Astrology Is Awesome

Since the beginning of this column, we’ve talked about moon signs, power colors, astrological dating tips, and all the things that make each sign awesome, but there’s still one simple question we haven’t covered: Why exactly is astrology so awesome? When people ask us why we love astrology, we give them a myriad of reasons ranging from the superficial to the super-spiritual. We thought it was time to highlight a few of our favorites. Check ‘em out, after the jump, and feel free to add your own in the comments!

1. Knowing about your astrological profile can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and foster self-acceptance.

2. Astrology is a great way to categorize people’s personalities and understand patterns of behavior. It’s one more piece of the personality puzzle that they don’t teach you in psychology class.

3. It makes judging people super easy and fun. For example, you get to sigh dramatically and say things like, “Typical Pisces.”

4. Once you know a little bit about astrology, you will start fielding questions from friends and random people at parties and suddenly everyone thinks you’re a cool spiritual guru.

5. It can give you an instantaneous commonality and connection with others: “You’re a Taurus?! Me too! Wanna trade recipes?”

6. It takes people watching to a whole new level. It’s super fun to play “guess the sign” as you size up strangers.

7. Astrology can help you improve your relationships by better understanding the people in your life. Ever wonder why you can’t get a word in edgewise with your sister? Read up on Geminis and you’ll realize she can’t help it!

8. Dressing in harmony with your sign can help you create a flattering wardrobe and wear it with confidence.

9. You can use astrology as a tool for self-improvement. Example: “Yes I am a raging jealous Scorpio; maybe I should work on that!”

10. It gives you an excuse to shop at hippie bookstores.

11. You can use it as an easy conversation starter or to flirt with people–“What’s your sign, baby?”

12. Paying attention to what signs you date and socialize with can help you spot patterns in who you’re drawn to and what qualities you value in people. Maybe your last three partners and your best friend are all Aries–clearly you like a lot of excitement!

13. At its core, astrology is about the movements of the solar system and how it affects us. Learning about it can help you feel a deeper connection to the universe and better understand your purpose in it.