Astrology 101: What’s The Deal With Moon Signs?

If you’ve read any astrology books or talked to a new age-y friend, you’ve probably heard a little bit about moon signs, but even if you haven’t, we’re here to help! Learning about your moon sign will give you a more in-depth understanding of yourself as it is the second biggest influence on your personality, as far as astrology goes. Here’s the gist of it …

Your astrological chart is basically a map of the sky at the time of your birth. The location of the sun determines your sun sign, which you probably already know (when people ask “What’s your sign?” they’re asking about your sun sign). The location of the moon gives you your moon sign. Your sun sign represents the more outward, obvious parts of your personality, whereas your moon sign represents the more subtle, hidden aspects of yourself. Think about the moon itself: its energy is subtle and feminine, therefore your moon sign affects your emotional responses, instincts, and intuition.

Since your moon sign is a more hidden part of your personality, its influence can be less obvious, but trust us–it’s always there. Have you ever noticed that you surround yourself with people of the same sign? Are you often attracted to a certain sign? Do you read descriptions of your sun sign and feel like something’s missing? If so, learning about your moon sign might give you some clarity. We like to think of people as a blend of their sun and moon signs, and sometimes we talk about it in mathematical terms. For example, we have decided Winona is 60 percent Taurus (her sun sign), and 40 percent Libra (her moon sign). Katelyn is 87 percent Scorpio (sun), and 13 percent Leo (moon).

Ready to find out your moon sign? You’ll need the date, time, and place of your birth–then you can use a moon sign calculator like this one to figure it out. Once you know your moon sign, it’s really fun to read up on it to better understand your astrological profile. To get you started, here’s a quick rundown of a few ways each moon sign might affect your sun sign…

An Aries Moon makes you more … idealistic, energetic, fiery.

A Taurus Moon makes you more … grounded, sensual, determined.

A Gemini Moon makes you more … communicative, lively, adaptable.

A Cancer Moon makes you more … sensitive, nurturing, imaginative.

A Leo Moon makes you more … fun-loving, loyal, vibrant.

A Virgo Moon makes you more … driven, helpful, methodical.

A Libra Moon makes you more … social, charming, diplomatic.

A Scorpio Moon makes you more … intense, passionate, complex.

A Sagittarius Moon makes you more … adventurous, broadminded, exuberant.

A Capricorn Moon makes you more … ambitious, disciplined, discerning.

An Aquarius Moon makes you more … intellectual, opinionated, logical.

A Pisces Moon makes you more … creative, emotional, compassionate.

Do you know your moon sign? Any questions about this interesting aspect of astrology?