10 Subtle Ways To Make The First Move

Happy Sadie Hawkins Day! Sadly, I never attended any of the Sadie Hawkins dances in high school. Why? I am a complete failure at asking guys out … and I had no game back in high school. But I digress. Anyhow, what I have become a total winner at is dropping subtle hints to let a guy know I’m interested. If he takes the bait, then I know he’s down. After the jump, some foolproof tips for making the first move this Sadie Hawkins Day.

  1. Friend him on Facebook after you meet if contact info was not exchanged. Low risk. If he doesn’t accept your friend request, life goes on.
  2. Strike up a conversation about something you mutually hate (i.e., the rain, crowded subway, waiting in line at the bank). This works wonders in public with a hot stranger.
  3. Think of a work-related excuse for the two of you to meet for a drink. Ex: “Can I ask you some questions about that amazing article you recently published?” Nobody ever says no to talking about themselves.
  4. Give him a compliment. Ex: “I like your smile” or “You look like [insert hot celebrity guy’s name here].”
  5. Take him by surprise and send him a chick drink (like a Cosmo), so you can say, “Oops, they sent you the wrong drink. Let me get you another one.” What dude wouldn’t like a free drink from a hot lady?
  6. Ask him if he wants to meet your dog. Most guys can’t resist dogs.
  7. Make fun of him. Showing a guy you’ve got balls either scares him away or makes him fall in love with you.
  8. Talk about the dress or shoes you are wearing to draw attention to how hot you look. “I just bought these shoes today … ” or “How does this dress look on my a**?” If he likes what he sees, you’ll be hearing from him very soon.
  9. Casually drop the suggestion of going on a date into conversation. Like, “Oh wow, it sounds like you know a lot about astrophysics. You can tell me all about YADDA YADDA next time.” If he doesn’t know what “next time” means … he’s either clueless about women or not interested.
  10. Be observant and notice something you have in common that you can comment on. Like you drink the same thing, or react to the same song, etc. And then you can talk about how much you have in common. Like how you both want to go on a date with each other. Imagine that!