10 Things To Do Alone That Make You Feel Great

Sometimes you don’t even need a group of friends to have a good time. So, put your cell phone away, shut down your laptop, and start doing things for you! In honor of Love Yourself Week, we compiled a list of awesome things you can do by yourself. Here are the 10 best ones!

  1. Put together a jammin’ playlist, and rock out in your room. Jump on the bed, run around, and groove the best way you know how. Don’t be shy; channel your inner hip-hop dancer!
  2. Hit up Netflix and rent the whole season of your favorite show for a personal marathon. Classics like “Sex & The City” and “Friends” are perfect. Or find a show you’ve been meaning to catch, but have never gotten around to watching.
  3. Treat yourself to a blow-out at a chic hair salon. Reason? Because you deserve it! You’ll look great and feel even better all day long.
  4. Cook yourself a fancy meal. Try a complicated recipe you’ve always been afraid to try. You’re only cooking for one, so if you mess it up, no has to know about it. It could become your new specialty!
  5. Get busy … with yourself. Take some time for self-exploration. Love your body!
  6. Go to a weird exercise class you wouldn’t normally join. Break your routine! The elliptical machine gets boring after a while …
  7. Reminisce. Pull out your old yearbooks and photo albums (you know, pre-Facebook album times). Sigh.
  8. Do an art project. Modge podge, knit, mosaic, whatever makes you happy. Sit in a ceramic studio all day, and paint yourself silly.
  9. Go to your favorite place at sunrise. There’s never a better time for self-reflection.
  10. Have a photoshoot. Get gorgeous, set a self-timer or camp out on your Mac, and pose away. Experiment with different settings. Hello, head shot!