Single For The Holidays: Tips For Making It Fun

As if the holidays aren’t already depressing enough, they can be just a tad bit more depressing when you’re single. There’s no one to buy gifts for, and worse, no one to buy gifts for you. Worse still, after the gift-giving holidays are over, there’s no one to kiss on New Year’s Eve.

Well, now that we’ve thoroughly depressed you, we’ll cheer you up with our tips for handling the holidays when you’re flying solo. Make Normally Stressful To-Dos Fun
Shopping for holiday presents can be a nuisance, and it’s doubly annoying to see cute, canoodling couples all over the mall when you’re single. Make shopping fun and distract yourself from cutesy couples by making a girls’ day out of the shopping. Get everyone’s lists together and shop everywhere, stop for lunch at a cute café, maybe grab coffee in between other stores, and end with a late afternoon movie.

Pamper Yourself
Splurge on a spa treatment for yourself during the holidays. They’re fun, will take your mind off all that’s on your to-do lists and there’s a bonus — they’re great stress relievers.

Rethink Those Holiday Parties
Just because you don’t have a date doesn’t mean holiday parties won’t be fun. Besides, if you brought a date, you’d never have an opportunity to slip your number to a co-worker’s friend’s cute neighbor! Bring a close girlfriend if you’re nervous about going it alone, but think about it — food, drinks, fun people and the freedom to kiss anyone under the mistletoe.

Hit The Bars
Bars are always a fun place to hang out and keep warm during the holiday season. Everyone’s happy when they’re tipsy, and who knows, you might even meet another person or two to have fun with. Try not to get too drunk though — no one wants to talk to the emotional drunk in the corner who’s blabbering about how she’s alone this holiday season. Here are some additional tips for going to a bar solo.

Make Your Own Plans
Start making your own traditions with friends and family. Who cares if you’re single? All you need is people you care about who care about you to start meaningful traditions. Plus, it’ll take your mind off the fact that you’re single — actually doing something is 10 times better than sitting at home alone, which only emphasizes your singleness.

To celebrate your singleness, host a get-together with a group of single friends. You can all enjoy a festive dinner party or even volunteer together. Some cities have group events, like a Christmas Day run. The holidays are about sharing, so share good times with others.