Craft Work: DIY Sex Toy

Maybe you’re broke as a joke, maybe you live in the no sex toy sales state of Alabama, maybe you’re just a crafty bitch — but no matter what the reason, you can DIY your own dildo! If our list of household sex toys wasn’t enough, according to Alix Shedd of The Indypendent, using simple items you’ll find at your hardware store, you can tailor your own personal sex toy. Hey, if you build it, they will come! So here’s how to step up your self-love life in five simple steps…

1. Make the Mold: On top of a cardboard box, shape up some soft clay into your desired, uh, apparatus.

2. Lube and Latex It Up: Cover the clay in Vaseline. Then paint the entire thing, including a two inch radius around the bottom, with liquid latex — not fetish latex, but the stuff used for making casts. Since this type of latex takes time to dry, brush on 4-7 thin layers and feel free to use a blow dryer to help set them.

3. Good Things Come To Those Who Wait: Give it a week. Latex takes its sweet time drying, so don’t break it before you make it. We know it’s difficult to be patient when you’ve got ants in your pants, but chill and let this stuff set.

4. Silicone Doesn’t Just Engorge Boobs: Okay, so now that you’ve got your mold ready, cut a hole in your box the width of your toy. Then, put it through the hole — not yours, yet, the one in the box — and tape it down. Next, using a caulking gun, slide the silicone in slowly so there are no air bubbles. Also, make sure you’ve got 100% silicone, which usually comes in clear or white and, on rare, lucky occasions, in other colors. Just double check there are no other chemical additives in the silicone you’ve selected. Then let your d–k in a box set for a day.

5. Try It On For Size: Twenty-four-hours later, that beauty’s ready to bust out of its box! Slip the silicone out of the reusable mold and enjoy all your hard work.

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