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The Science Of Harry Potter And Other College Classes You Wish You Could Take

All around the country, you can hear the sound of college students hitting bookstores with new reading lists and buying mini-fridges in which they will store zero food and a whole lot of beer. Ah, I miss college. Earlier today, I read about a class at Occidental College called, simply, “Stupidity,” which I really wish I’d been able to take, even though the course description is a snoozefest. (“Stupidity is neither ignorance nor organicity, but rather, a corollary of knowing and an element of normalcy, the double of intelligence rather than its opposite. Stupidity is always the name of the Other, and it is the sign of the feminine.” Huh?) So in honor of back to school, here are some other off-the-wall classes you can actually enroll in at higher education establishments across the country. Yes, the student loans are totally worth it. Keep reading »

Quickies!: Nick Jonas Wants To Be Your Commander In Chief & Naked Man Hijacks Bus

  • Nick Jonas says he’s always wanted to be president. [U.S. News] — I’m not even thinking about the year 2040 yet.
  • Kelly Osbourne has revealed her past Vicodin addiction in her book Fierce, due out in September. [Access Hollywood] — You’d think someone whose father had such terrible bouts with addiction would stay away from drugs. But then again, common sense and addiction don’t really go together.
  • Heidi Montag-Pratt has thanked Anderson Cooper for ripping apart her performance of “Body Language” at the Miss Universe Pageant, an event he called a “fresh new way to embarrass herself.” [PopEater] — Score one for Anderson!

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The Friday Roundup: It Happened This Week On The Frisky

Man, this week was a downer! Senator Ted Kennedy, a champion of women’s rights, passed away. Chris Brown avoided jail time for beating the crap out of Rihanna. Someone thought it’d be a good idea for Kate Gosselin to host “The View.” And teenagers in Phoenix did some nasty things with tampons and alcohol.

At least Anna Wintour nailed her “Letterman” interview. (Yay, “The September Issue” is out tonight! Well, in New York, anyway.) After the jump, see what else happened this week on The Frisky! Keep reading »

Viral Videos On YouTube Can Now Earn You Megabucks

It used to be that only Google’s YouTube users who “regularly produce videos that reach a wide audience” were able to make money from ad revenue sales on their videos. But now, Google is explanding its partnership program so those with one-hit wonders can cash in, too. If a video gets enough views, users automatically get a message saying, “Enable Revenue Sharing.” If you see this link, click on it to get a share of the revenue YouTube makes from selling ads on your video page. We hope this will be very good news for the couple who made “JK Wedding Entrance Dance,” which got over 10 million views but never made them a dime. And for the owner of that darn bulldog on a skateboard. [News AU] Keep reading »

Woman Switches Genders When She Has Seizures

Here’s a story from a medical journal: One woman’s sex changes when she has seizures. We learned from the pages of the journal Epilepsy and Behavior that the woman has a tumor located near her amygdala and abnormal activity on the right side of her brain. After she has a seizure, she believes her gender has changed.

“I’m no longer feeling to be a female. I have the impression to transform into a male. My voice, for example, sounds like a male voice that moment. One time, when I looked down to my arms during this episode, these looked like male arms including male hair growth.”

At the same time, she perceives that females around her are males. “One time another woman, a friend of mine, was in the same room, I perceived also her as becoming a male person including changing sound of her voice.” Anti-convulsive drug treatment has helped resolve her gender-altering problem. [Mind Hacks via The Daily What] Keep reading »

Pace High School Will Educate You, Whether It’s The Porn Site Or The Public School

Whatever you do, do not go to PaceHighSchool.com. It’s NSFW or for children for that matter. Sure it sounds innocent, but this high school has a whole other kind of bell-ringing going on — the kinky kind. A Florida high school full of innocent teenagers shares its name with a Canadian porn site full of “Blubbery Bitches,” “Booty Crushers,” and “Wild Party Whores.” Sounds educational to us! The site, run by PimpRoll, doesn’t even require you to confirm you’re of legal age. But, despite parental complaints, the real Pace High School principal can’t do much to clear his school’s name on the net. “It is their right to do this and we exhausted all possibilities to see if there was anything we could do,” said Principal Frank Lay. (Ha, principal Lay watches his Pace!) The school decided to register PaceHighSchool.net as their domain instead. Hey, at least the real Pace High School is keepin’ up with the times and getting on, not gettin’ it on, the internet. [NWF Daily News] Keep reading »

Quickies!: Ryan Jenkins’ Sister May Have Helped Him, Plus The History Of Contraception

  • Ryan Jenkins‘ 19-year-old half-sister might be the unnamed accomplice who helped him avoid capture for the murder of his wife, Jasmine Fiore. [People] — He’s dead, but the media is still out for blood.
  • Kendra Wilkinson and Kourtney Kardashian say they feared their breast implants would prevent them from breast-feeding. [Us Weekly] — You’d think these two were the first women to get pregnant.
  • Here’s some more news about annoying Kendra: She plans to write a memoir detailing her childhood, Playboy, and her relationship with Hugh Hefner. [Today]

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Today’s Lady News: The Reason You’re Afraid Of Spiders Is…

  • Scared of spiders? Me, too. A study by David Rakison, a developmental psychologist at Carnegie Mellon University, suggests us females might actually be genetically predisposed to fear creepy-crawlies and dangerous animals. He showed 10 baby girls and boys pictures of spiders and found that the girls associated fear with spiders more quickly than boys did. Rakison said this suggests a possible genetic disposition by women (thanks to humans’ hunter-gatherer ancestry) to avoid danger. [New Scientist]—Or could it could be because we’re prissy.
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    Svedka Vodka Wants To Make You Into A Fembot

    If you are 21 or older and want to be immortalized as a creepily sexual robot sponsored by Svedka Vodka, well, your day has come! This swanky booze company has launched a site that lets users upload photos of their faces and go to town designing bodies with outfits to match. The garb is super sexy and the accessories are pretty kinky. I guess Svedka thinks most girls fantasize about becoming burlesque dancers or slutty nurses? Or slutty fairies, with horns, a yellow face and green skin? I think we’ll stick with our “Mad Men” avatars. [AreYouBotOrNot.com] Keep reading »

    John Schools: Like AA Meetings For Dudes Who Hire Prostitutes

    About 50 cities in the U.S. have come up with an interesting way to handle dudes who are caught trying to pick up prostitutes—they’re sending them to “John Schools.” In these AA-like meetings, the guys listen to presentations by former prostitutes who tell them how brutal the industry is, health experts who share how dangerous sex-for-hire can be, and therapists who try to get them to understand why they were trying to buy nookie in the first place. The idea is to get the guys—about half of whom are married—to understand that hiring a prostitute isn’t a fun and harmless thing, but that they’re actually part of a much bigger problem. Only first-time offenders are eligible for these AA-like meetings, which are generally held in churches or government buildings. (Repeat offenders and those who try to solicit minors are dealt with more harshly.) The guys also have to pay a $250 fee and finish the class without trying to buy another woman. Keep reading »

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