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3-D TVs Coming To Your Home By … Next Year

Just when I’ve finally figured out what each and every button on my flatscreen TV’s remote control does, electronics companies are ready to sell me the next must-have boob tube incarnation: 3-D TV. Both Sony and Panasonic have announced that they will be releasing 3-D TVs in 2010, and Mitsubishi and JVC are working on them too. Yes, these new sets will involve wearing goofy 3-D glasses and lord knows what they’ll cost, but does this pique your interest? [CNN] Keep reading »

Syphilis Test Gets North Carolinians Walmart Or McDonald’s Gift Cards

Rates of syphilis in Forsyth, NC have tripled in one year, so health officials there have come up with a novel idea to entice people to get tested. Folks who undergo testing are awarded with a $10 gift card to either Walmart or McDonald’s. Now, I know people need some kind of incentive to get tested, but can’t we think of a better idea than trading syphilis for diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol? The Walmart card could be beneficial, but I wonder how the corporation feels about being used to lure potential syphilis sufferers. At least the gift card provides a silver lining if a person tests positive. [F-Listed] Keep reading »

Exclusive! The Creator Of Hot Chicks Picking Up Dog Poo And Hot Chicks With Dogs With Boners Speaks!

Recently, we here at The Frisky came across two unusual websites that got our attention. What were they? Hot Chicks Picking up Dog S**t and Hot Chicks with Dogs with Boners. So, What’s up with the babes and dog doo? we considered. Who wants to look at pictures of cute girls posing with turned-on pugs? we wanted to know. What was this all about? Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a mysterious email arrived in our in-box. And lo and behold! It was from one of the two minds behind what are surely the most important websites of our time — or, you know, the month of September. After the jump, their secret identities revealed and the fascinating story behind what could become a dog poop and canine boners empire. Keep reading »

Quick Pic: John Stamos Is The Life Of The Arty

Restaurant Tratorria Dopo Teatro in Manhattan has started a Wall Of Fame for celebrity art. And their first honoree to be hung is Uncle Jesse John Stamos, of course! Painted by Jim Warren, the portrait is a collage of The Stamos’ most classic moments. Who do you think they should immortalize next? [via Grub Street]

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“Pimp Your Vocab” Book Teaches British Parents About Teenglish

I learned two things from Pimp Your Vocab by Lucy Tobin, a book that attempts to decipher British kids’ “Teenglish.” Numbero uno: no matter how hard adults try to pin down and define teenage slang, they always end up sounding hopelessly out of touch and weird. I mean, really, peeps felt the need to include “cool beans” in this volume!? Isn’t that from, like, forevs ago? Also, when you define “woop woop” as “noise made to denote happiness,” well, we can’t help but laugh. BTW, British kids have some very, very odd slang. Apparently, in England “blud” means friend and “soz” is sorry. After the jump, check out some other vocab that I’m really glad hasn’t reached the States. Keep reading »

Women Keep Secrets For 47 Hours Before Spilling The Beans

For some reason Wines of Chile, a commerce group akin to our Cotton Council, commissioned a study of 3,000 women in the U.K. to see how many secrets they told and how many they were able to keep. The study uncovered that (gasp!) drinking wine usually loosens women’s tongues and makes us a lot more likely to speak our minds. The study also found that women spill the beans in an average of 47 hours. Still, 83 percent of women surveyed consider themselves 100 percent trustworthy. But the vital information not mentioned in this report includes: why busting women on how much they gossip is a good way to publicize wine and whether there was a similar study commissioned to investigate the embarrassing conversational habits of men. [Daily Mail]

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Couple Robbed While Having Sex In A Dumpster

This is the most ridiculous story I’ve read all week, possibly all year. A Kansas couple was having sex in, where else, a dumpster, when they were robbed at knifepoint, the assailants making off with shoes, jewelry and a wallet. A 59-year-old man did the actually thieving, but he was “egged on” by a 64-year-old male accomplice. So first of all, it’s weird enough that two people were f**king in a goddamn dumpster — the pile of trash bags sitting next to the dumpster wasn’t filthy enough? But it’s even more hilarious that two seniors (well, close enough) decided that they would be the ideal people to rob, because clearly the place where they’ve chosen to f**k demonstrates wealth. Anyway, this story ends happily because the robbers were busted by the po-po and the couples’ belongings were returned. No word on why they didn’t get a room. [NY Daily News] Keep reading »

Keep Calm And Wear A Thong

Designer Liz Franco created this hilarious send-up of this iconic British WWII poster. [Via Fraying]
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Quick Pic: Ron Jeremy Likes To Watch … Runway Shows?!

Porn king Ron Jeremy has been spotted at Fashion Week checking out the hottest … clothes? Is this part of the adult entertainment industry’s plan to diversify in the recession? [Tadashi, New York City, 9/15/09] Keep reading »

Cheerleader Kills A 353-Pound Gator

New television show idea: “Cammie, The Cheerleading Gator Slayer.” This 16-year-old junior varsity pom-pom wielding teen in South Carolina loves hunting, and just made a ginormous catch—a 10-foot, 353-pound alligator. Keep reading »

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