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Subverting The Dominant Paradigm, One Bloody Word At A Time

In “Blood Script,” Washington, D.C. artist Mary Coble had 75 hateful epithets “tattooed” onto her body. No ink was involved, so the words looked as if they were written in blood. The ornate lettering Coble chose was intended to create “a dichotomy between the beautiful visual form of the words and the ugly meanings they convey semantically.” As the artist bled, pieces of paper were spread over each word, “printing” its mirror image in blood. The selected words were taken from a previous performance in which Coble invited viewers to write hateful words they had heard or used onto her body. The words include anti-female lingo: “bitch,” “slut,” and “c***.” [Mary Coble] Keep reading »

Woman Found Living With Husband’s Corpse

Is it technically necrophilia if you don’t realize someone is dead? A 45-year-old woman in Big Sandy, Texas spent a lovely week at home with her husband. Only, he was dead, having been taken off dialysis a week before. When her brother came by and he noticed a foul odor, he called the police. They found the man sitting on the couch, propped up by pillows, wearing sweatpants and no shirt. “He doesn’t want to leave the house,” his wife said. The poor woman was committed for psychological evaluation. It’s one thing if you’re a big schemer and live with a dead person because you want to keep receiving their pension or if there’s a whole “Weekend at Bernie’s” situation, but this woman sounds like a whole nother can of worms. [Tyler Paper] Keep reading »

Woman Exchanges Two Children For $175 And A Cockatoo. A Fair Trade?

Paul and Brandy Romero, a couple from Louisiana, got themselves in a bit of a pickle when they bought two children from Donna Greenwell in exchange for a cockatoo and $175. Though Donna wasn’t the children’s mother, the biological parents knew they were living with her and she claims she was just trying to find a suitable home for the unwanted kids. I guess Paul and Brandy fit the bill, since they were unable to have children but happened to be selling an exotic bird and somehow the subject of kids came up during the bird-buying transaction? Both parties were charged with two felony counts of sale of minors, which apparently only gets you a five-year prison sentence. The Romeros had their sentences suspended for testifying against Donna, who awaits her trial in November. I wish every conversation on Earth were recorded, so we could hear what really went down. Something like “Nice bird!” “Oh thanks, want some kids?” “Oh totally! That would be awesome—we’re barren.” “Super, I’ll give you two for 175 and the cockatoo.” “Word.” [AOL News] Keep reading »

Stiletto Attack, Stripper-Style

When 52-year-old Jo Ellen Nolan lost her job this year, she jumped right up and landed a new one—as an exotic dancer. I think that’s fantastic; I’m much younger than her, and I don’t consider my legs eligible for that kind of backup plan. Jo Ellen expected that the younger strippers at the club would treat her like a mama bear, but when she met 22-year-old Chetania Davis, who goes by the stage name “Beautiful,” she shouted at Jo Ellen, “Just what I need, another new bitch.” Beautiful then launched herself at Jo Ellen in the dressing room, stabbing her in the head with the heel of a stiletto. Beautiful went AWOL, like the stripper who tasered a cocktail waitress, but was later arrested. Jo Ellen had to get seven staples to treat the cuts on her forehead. Beautiful plead guilty Tuesday to a misdemeanor assault charge and was sentenced to a year of probation and a six-month suspended sentence. Jo Ellen, her dancing career over, has registered with a temp agency. There is no word on what happened to the other shoe. [AP]
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Halloween Costume FAIL: Woman Arrested For Stealing Sexy Cop Outfit

Sure, we all know thousands, maybe millions of women want to don slutty Halloween costumes come Oct. 31, but what you might not have considered is that all that pleather and latex and crappy lace ain’t cheap, no matter how crappy it looks. One South Carolina woman was so driven to the brink of insanity by the prospect of plunking down 50-plus bones for a sexy cop outfit that she simply stole it from an outlet store at her local mall. (Ah, the delicious irony.) Real cops promptly busted her, saying, “This woman is arrested for having bad taste!” OK, no, they didn’t really say that, pardon my embellishment. Guess she’ll have to settle for being a sexy jailbird this year. No problem, they do make those. I’ve seen ‘em. [The Sun] Keep reading »

Butt Injections Cause Infections For Latin Grammy Winner

Consider this a cautionary tale. A few weeks ago, Latin Grammy winner Alejandra Guzmán went to a clinic run by Valentina Albornoz to get injections meant to make her butt shapelier, which we think is strange because her posterior was plenty shapely just the way it was. The moment that the injection entered her body, she started feeling funky. Albornoz offered to treat her discomfort at the clinic, but Guzmán went to a hospital instead. Turns out, the stuff caused an infection that spread throughout her body. And, uh, that Albornoz had been running his clinic with no cosmetology credentials—in fact, his highest degree was a high school diploma. Albornoz was arrested Tuesday, following additional complaints from other patients, including actress Gaby Ramirez.
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Hello Kitty Spills Her Guts

Check out this latest version of Hello Kitty: It’s anatomically correct, sort of. If you’ve always wondered what, exactly, is inside of Miss Kitty, this is your chance to find out. The “Anatomy” figures are the result of a collaboration with Dr. Romanelli and come in white, pink, and blue or tan and red. If you peek inside her belly, it looks like she has a heart with a bow, two lavender lungs, and a lot of intestines, among other happy guts. She’s anatomically adorable. [HighSnobiety.com] Keep reading »

We’re Going To The Chapel And We’re Gonna Get Arrested

We have a new duo to crown with the Stupidest Couple Award. Brian Dykes and Mindy McGhee got hitched at the Angel’s View Wedding Chapel in Tennessee. A few hours later, after closing time, they returned and robbed the place. An employee spotted them making off with the chapel’s cash box and recognized them from their wedding photo. They called the police, and the newlyweds were arrested at Denny’s a few hours later. (Because who needs a honeymoon when you can get a Grand Slam Breakfast?) “They look exactly the same in their mug shots,” opined Joyce Whaley, the chapel’s owner. [Lemondrop] Keep reading »

Bride Barters Her Way To Her Dream Wedding

Kerry Coryell wanted a nice wedding, but she and fiancé Kurt VanDerLinde couldn’t afford the costly photographer, limo, DJ, and all the other expenses that are part of a fancy ceremony and reception. But it was her dream! So, Coryell put an ad on Craigslist offering to barter for goods and services she couldn’t afford. Since she had done this before (instead of paying money for $8,000 worth of dental work), she figured it was worth a try. Here’s an excerpt from her ad:

“I am not at all superficial and my clothes usually come from garage sales. I never ask for anything for myself … but this day … just this one day, I want it to be mine, without limits, without settling. I hope you can help me.”

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Did A BJ Cause A Car Crash?

Australian tavern worker, Allyson White, was sitting in the passenger seat of a truck driven by an unnamed, unlicensed driver when it crashed in the hysterically named town of Humpty Doo. Now, the Australian media is reporting that White may have been partly responsible. Police are suspicious that she was giving the driver a BJ, distracting him enough to cause the crash. But White vehemently denies this. “It may have looked bad when police first arrived as my girls were hanging out all over the place. I also had a $5 note wedged between my boobs so they probably just assumed I was a sex worker or something and he’d already paid me,” she said, before showing a journalist the seat belt burn mark across her chest, which she suffered in the accident. “Fair enough he shouldn’t have been driving but I didn’t realize he was drunk and would never have got in the car if I did.” I think we’ve all learned an important lesson from this—no getting in cars with drunk dudes and no on-the-road hummers. We all remember a similar scene in “Parenthood,” no? [Northern Territory News] Keep reading »

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