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Woman Acts Like Dog, Burglar Runs Away

Listen to this ingenious, cost-effective, do-it-yourself security idea. A Georgia woman was home alone recently when an apparently homeless man began trying to break in. When he opened the door, girlfriend got on the floor and began scratching like a dog, which scared the man off and sent him running. She imitated some other dog behavior, too, but the police report isn’t saying what. Could she have peed on his leg? [AP]

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Nightclubs Just For The Plus-Sized?

Plus-size nightclub Club Bounce is kind of like “More To Love” come to life. Lisa Marie Garbo, a big, beautiful blonde, opened the club five years ago, hoping it would be a place where she wouldn’t be “the only fat girl at the local nightclub.” Since then, her creation has become one in a string of nightclubs catering to plus-size partiers in cities along the California coastline. Plus-size patrons make up about three quarters of the women who dance at Club Bounce. Interestingly, only about one quarter of the men who frequent the club are of the overweight variety. Instead, most of them just appreciate the full-figured women on the dance floor. Keep reading »

Sigh, All We’ve Been There, Sweetie

At least this British party girl wasn’t in her Spanx that night, right? Still, this is when your girlfriends are supposed to give you a damn coat! [The Awl] Keep reading »

Jeepers Creepers, Where’d You Get Those LED Peepers?

In Asia, where some women prize the “big eye” look which is more natural to Western women, some ladies opt for plastic surgery, some wear dramatic makeup, and others put on LED eyelashes. “LED Eyelash is a clever product that speaks to many Asian women’s desire for bigger eyes,” according to the gizmo’s creator. The apparatus includes headphones and a sensor that responds to head and eye movement. If the wearer moves her head or blinks her eyes, the lights flash. The contraption looks a little awkward to wear, but one imagines it would work wonders when flirting in a dark bar. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Bride Spends Her Wedding Night In Jail!

Weddings can get kind of crazy. Sometimes daddy drinks too much and makes an awkward toast, or your great grandmother shows up and misplaces her false teeth while you’re cutting the cake. Other times the bride slaps a cop and spends her wedding night in jail. Wait, what!? I know it sounds crazy, but that is just what happened to a bride in Barcelona. The reception got a little wild and the bride and groom’s families started fighting. When the cops arrived to break it up, the newly wedded woman grabbed a po-po by the neck and smacked him. So much for sex on her wedding night. A jail cell is hardly a honeymoon suite. [NY Daily News] Keep reading »

New York State Rape Kits Get DNA Upgrade

We’re definitely in the DNA age, people. You only need to tune into the paternity-testing “The Maury Show” or a crime show marathon to know that. So it’s about time New York state gives its rape testing kits, which were first introduced in emergency rooms 20 years ago, a DNA upgrade. Today, state officials are slated to reveal the new kits, which also include instructions on collecting evidence from male victims and a training video narrated by Mariska Hargitay (because her role as a detective on “Law & Order: SVU” has made her an expert). Developers from St. Luke’s and Roosevelt Hospitals in NYC say they have learned what works and what doesn’t over the years and the new kit is more comprehensive. Now, the kits provide special envelopes and swabs to collect an attacker’s bodily fluids or other evidence left behind that might contain DNA. The kits also provide information for health professionals to deal with male victims, which is a good thing since the ratio of male sexual assault victims in New York is much higher than the national ratio of one in eight. [NY Post]

I have to say I’m slightly shocked the old rape kits weren’t this comprehensive. I thought the whole point of a rape kit was to collect DNA. Keep reading »

Think Twice Before Walking Around Naked In Your Own House

If you thought all that Balloon Boy coverage was ridiculous, you might roll your eyes at this major story Fox News is covering. However, Virgina resident Eric Williamson actually needs the exposure (uh, heh) because here is a man who has clearly been wronged. Every day at 5:30 a.m., Mr. Williamson wakes up and makes his way downstairs to make a pot of coffee and he does so nude. Because even though it may sound out-of-this-world crazy to some people, many folks actually kind of enjoy the fact that they can walk around in their own houses minding their business and stuff while they’re naked. So anyway … Keep reading »

The Perfect Way To Save Face After Getting Drizzunk

You know when you drink way too much, do something stupid, and then have to face down the people you did said stupid thing in front of the next day? Evidently, peeps were having the same experience back in 9th century China. A form letter was recently found in western China, created by the Dunhuang Bureau of Etiquette, which made it easy for public officials to excuse themselves after drunken escapades. The translation is poetically amazing:

“Yesterday, having drunk too much, I was intoxicated as to pass all bounds; but none of the rude and coarse language I used was uttered in a conscious state. The next morning, after hearing others speak on the subject, I realized what had happened, whereupon I was overwhelmed with confusion and ready to sink into the earth with shame.” [Neatorama]

Human beings came up with those brilliant words over 1,020 years ago, and we still don’t have floating space condos! We don’t even have eloquently scribed form letters anymore, do we? I guess that’s because we’ve been too busy drinking ourselves silly and looking for creative ways to get out of work. So, we haven’t really had the time to invent anything good? Let’s all give this a try and see if people are as forgiving as they used to be. First round’s on me! Keep reading »

WTF? Cutting In Line At Walmart Could Get You 15 Years In Prison

Heather Ellis, a college honor student in Kennett, MO, is facing 15 years in prison for an incident three years ago in which she was accused of cutting in front of someone in a Walmart checkout line. Like many people have done and do, Ellis and her cousin split up to find the shortest line, and since her cousin was in the shortest line, Ellis joined him. The cashier then accused her of cutting in front of the other customers, an argument ensued, the manager and security and, eventually, police were called. Keep reading »

At Morehouse College, (Don’t) Dress For Success

Of all the problems that Morehouse College faces in this time of economic and social upheaval, the Atlanta all-male school—which graduated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Spike Lee—is concentrating on its dress code. Specifically, the school is picking on five transvestite students, who apparently have been sporting perfectly fine grades and perfectly fabulous sample sale finds. Morehouse has banned its students from wearing women’s clothes, makeup and accessories, and they are calling this a ban on “inappropriate attire.” Take that, Lady Gaga. OK, I admit my first impulse was a little smug satisfaction that all those hot, undergrad boys with nicer legs than mine will have a harder time showing me up. But, oh yeah, this isn’t about my body issues. In the same year that a Thai secondary school installed a “transvestite toilet” for the comfort and safety of its cross-dressing students and years after Yale instituted an annual Trans Issues Week, this move sounds like an appalling step backward. What do you think? [AOL] Keep reading »

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