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Couples Create Art By Having Sex On A Blank Canvas

Years ago, I interviewed Tillamook Cheddar, a dog who creates art. I was reminded of Tillie when I saw the work of Alexander Esguerra. In these pieces, a couple covered in paint lies down on a blank canvas and has sex. The subjects are straight and gay, Caucasian and Chinese-American, married and adulterous — all of which makes you wonder what kind of picture a certain type of couple creates while making love. The one on the left looks like an orgy. The one on the right looks like they were going at it standing up. If you want to get an eyeful in person, Esguerra’s “It’s Just Sex” show opens May 22 at 676 Broadway in Manhattan. Keep reading »

Gift For Gab: Your Best Comments For The Week Of April 30th 2010

We here at The Frisky live for celeb gossip, chocolate, and your comments. What can we say? You crack us up! Each week we’re going to shout out to our smart, sexy, and incisive readers, who aren’t afraid to talk smack on the internet. And you can get in on the action too. Tell us your favorite comments of the week below. Keep reading »

Erotica Book Sales Are Booming

While celebrity memoirs are among today’s best-sellers, another literary genre is giving book sales a boost: erotica. MSNBC reports titles like Thong on Fire, Candy Licker, and G-Spot are the new Lady Chatterley’s Lover. “Much of the new erotica is simply porn moved to the printed page,” says Brian Alexander, “only smarter and largely aimed at women.” In other words, erotica is porn for women — with a lot less pictures. Erotica publishers report the market has fairly “exploded,” and our own Rachel Kramer Bussel hosts a popular erotica reading series, In the Flesh, at Manhattan’s Happy Ending Lounge. Within erotica, there are multiple sub-genres, each one tailored to whatever a specific demographic is looking for: vampire erotica, “Noire” (with an African-America focus), and old-school romance. What’s the latest growing demographic among erotica readers? As it turns out, men. [MSNBC] Keep reading »

Let The Serenading Unicorn Serenade You

Yes, it’s Friday. You’re going out with the girlfriends, but perhaps you have yet to meet that special someone. You work for the weekend, and then … there’s no guy to throw yourself at the bar. Don’t you hate it when that happens? I know I do. If you’re feeling a little datelessly down, have no fear. Because the Serenading Unicorn is here to serenade you. At the Serenading Unicorn website, this soft, fluffy unicorn will sing you dreamy tunes by Boyz II Men, Michael Bolton, and Culture Club. This unicorn’s love is for real. Not like that guy from last weekend, who never called you back, dammit. I think the Serenading Unicorn’s heart-stopping, beach-side, and oddly phallic rendition of “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” is my favorite. What’s yours? [Serenading Unicorn via Urlesque] Keep reading »

Thank Heavens No One Had To Give Birth To This Giant Baby

The biggest baby in the world isn’t your boyfriend, or your sister, or even your lazy-ass coworker. It’s “Miguelin,” the 21-foot-tall animatronic brainchild of Spanish film director Isabel Coixet. It will be the star of Spain’s presentation at the Shanghai Expo, which opens Saturday. It moves, breathes, blinks, smiles, giggles. But even though it doesn’t poop, it’s still pretty dang terrifying to a single gal. Well, maybe that’s because the same robo-makin’ peeps who worked on “Alien vs. Predator” helped. But seriously, if you need your biological clock to stop ticking, just watch this video of it in action. [The Daily What] Keep reading »

If It Doesn’t Come From An Animal, Can We Call It Milk?

This morning on “Good Day New York,” the anchors were discussing how to refer to drinks like soy milk that don’t actually come from a cow. Should we still call them milk? Learn the interesting alternative anchor Rosanna Scotto suggested in the clip above. [via Gothamist] Keep reading »

Today In Stupidity: Gay Dog Discrimination

Every now and then, we come across a story so absurd that it’s almost hard to figure out where to begin with mocking it mercilessly. So here goes: A restaurant in Australia called Thai Spice has been fined $1400 for refusing to seat a blind man and his guide dog. The restaurant has a sign in the window that says guide dogs are welcome, so what was the issue? The hostess thought the dog, named Nudge, was gay. Evidently, he didn’t understand the blind man’s thick Australian accent and thought he was saying “gay dog” rather than “guide dog.” The restaurant explained, “The staff genuinely believed that Nudge was an ordinary pet dog which had been desexed to become a gay dog.”

Uh, really? That’s their excuse. Who cares if the dog was gay? Can dogs even be gay? I really don’t care if Nudge was wearing Elton John platforms, a pink sequined jumpsuit, and humming Judy Garland songs. Make the gay dog discrimination stop. Keep reading »

Axe Undie Run Challenge Encourages Charity, Girls In Panties

If you thought the Boobquake was a stupid activist statement, hold onto your panties! No, seriously, hold onto your panties: Axe Body Spray is hosting the “Axe Undie Run Challenge” at 10 colleges around the country to see who can donate the most clothes to local homeless charities … and also, to get a bunch of 18-year-old freshman girls half-naked on the quad. Keep reading »

Penis Size Can Disqualify Papua Police Applicants

Men seeking employment from the police force in Papua, Indonesia, are asked whether they’ve enlarged their penises. I think that’s an invasion of privacy, but there’s a cultural reason why applicants are asked about the size of their sex organ. Papuans have been known to wrap the penis in leaves from a plant that is so itchy and irritating it causes the organ to expand. The bee sting-like swelling causes a “hindrance during training,” says the Papua police chief, so the men who use this local technique are deemed unfit for the job. But wouldn’t the enlargement be temporary? And if it isn’t, then Papuans should forget becoming police officers and figure out how to bottle that stuff. I bet they’d make a killing! [Reuters] Keep reading »

That’s A Nice Rooster You Have There, Sir!

So, Dr. Morepen’s Exygra “virility tables” will give you a big … rooster? [Copyranter]
Keep reading »

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