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How To Not Get Action In High School: Wear The Same Pair Of Shoes For 4 Years

Thanks, Ben Hedblom, for wearing the same shoes for four years as a bet and ruining any progress we’d made with men forgoing their too-tatty threads. In all fairness, the teen, who has been wearing a pair of Nike Shox throughout high school, could actually teach guys (and girls) a thing or two about how people are treated based on outward appearances. What began as a silly challenge between Hedblom and his Spanish teacher turned into a psychological test, causing the student to turn the experience into his senior project. Apparently, people felt so bad for him, strangers in McDonald’s would offer to buy him new kicks. Said Hedblom: “It made me think less of what other people think of me. And it made me approach them and talk to them. And they got to know me as a person. That goes way past the physical experience … I’ve learned a lot about self image. You are what you believe you are.” Aww.

Well, we’re assuming Mr. Hedblom remained a virgin throughout his high school career. Way to practice abstinence, kid. [TampaBay.com] Keep reading »

Ladies, Marrying A Younger Man Can Kill You

According to an article in Science Daily, Demi Moore probably won’t be with us much longer. Seriously, though, studies show that women who get hitched to younger dudes have a lower life expectancy than chicks who score a spouse their own age. On the flip side, men with younger wives tend to live longer. Life just isn’t fair. Keep reading »

A Convent Drug Ring Gets Busted

“Tonight, on ‘Sick, Sad World,’ nuns busted in a convent drug ring.” Yes, this actually happened in real life. For the past three years, the Italian police had been keeping their eye on a convent in North Italy which had a South American caretaker. Evidently, the caretaker had teamed up with the ‘Ndrangheta crime syndicate and was distributing drugs through the small church. ‘Pilgrims’ would come to the convent to pick up and drop off prayer books stuffed full of cocaine. Talk about a religious fix. Yesterday, the convent was raided and 33 people were arrested. It appears that the nuns actually had no idea what was going on, so we hope they’re set free soon! [BBC] Keep reading »

Quickies: Barbed Tampon Prevents Rape & Lindsay Lohan Seeks A Miracle-Working Manager

  • A barbed tampon-like device is meant to prevent rape by causing “great discomfort” when an attacker tries to penetrate a victim. [TrèsSugar]
  • This video slideshow pays homage to the love scenes of “Lost.” [BuzzSugar]
  • Wow, this woman really hates Carrie Bradshaw. [The Gloss]

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Blogger Declares Herself Miss Grand Central

A few months ago, I wrote about a woman named Sheryl who blogs at “Musings of an Irate Commuter.” That post was about her getting revenge on a man who did her wrong, a guy who saw her on her daily commute through Grand Central Terminal and posted a Missed Connections ad about her. They started dating and sleeping together, but then she discovered he had a girlfriend. Her revenge? Posting every detail of their relationship on her blog — including photos! — so his girlfriend would find out what a cheating scum bag he was. That story showed what chutzpah Sheryl has, and so does this one. Grand Central Terminal is a major landmark in Sheryl’s life. As I mentioned before, she commutes through Grand Central every day, and as a result she’s developed a real love for the beautiful building. Her love for it is so grand, she’s often joked that she should be “Miss Grand Central,” but unfortunately, the title does not exist — but why shouldn’t it? Sheryl writes on her blog, “What was to stop me from just saying I *am* Miss Grand Central?” Nothing, it turns out. Keep reading »

Gift For Gab: Your Best Comments For The Week Of May 7th 2010

We here at The Frisky live for celeb gossip, chocolate, and your comments. What can we say? You crack us up! Each week we’re going to shout out to our smart, sexy, and incisive readers, who aren’t afraid to talk smack on the internet. And you can get in on the action too. Tell us your favorite comments of the week below.
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Meet Donny Osmond’s #1 Fan

So, of all the conceivable phallic objects a desperately horny person could put in their vajayjay, a rolled-up Donny Osmond poster is not the first thing that comes to my mind. But I am not a Donny Osmond fan and I stopped decorating my walls with posters after college. Also, I’m not a freak. However, a woman in the U.K. is and she did very dirty things with a poster of the squeaky clean star. One of the cases featured on a new BBC3 show called “Bizarre ER” involved a woman who went to the hospital complaining of pain in her abdomen and genital areas. Doctors discovered a rolled-up poster of Donny Osmond shoved inside her vagina. I have many questions about this. First, did she forget she put the poster inside her? Why didn’t she just pull it out? Why did she put it in to begin with? Also, how big was this poster? Are we talking life-size or one of those Tiger Beat tear sheets? I need more details. Also, ow. [Mirror.co.uk via Dlisted] Keep reading »

Chinese Theme Park Promotes Pirates Of The Carribean Ride With Porn Movie Poster

In Xiamen, China, an amusement park used a porn movie poster to promote its family-friendly Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Rather than using movie posters related to “Pirates of the Caribbean,” starring Johnny Depp, someone used a poster for “Pirates,” an X-rated movie starring Jesse Jane and Evan Stone, instead. “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” was nominated for five Academy Awards. “Pirates” won an AVN Award for Best All-Girl Sex Scene. How a porn movie poster came to hang alongside real “Pirates of the Caribbean” promotional materials may forever remain a mystery, but it probably didn’t hurt that the “Pirates” movie poster chosen featured the comely, blond, and busty Jane. [Geekosystem] Keep reading »

Quickies: P-Word Gets Illinois Teen In Court Trouble & Get Your “Gringo Mask,” Arizonians

  • An Illinois teenage girl was sentenced to 48 hours in jail for wearing a T-shirt into court that read: “I own the p**sy, so I make the rules.” [Dumb As A Blog]
  • The world will have to wait to read Madonna‘s inner-most thoughts because a multi-million dollar auction of her journals has been pulled. [TMZ]
  • Win a free coaching session from Love Stylist and author Tristan Coopersmith, who tells women to “sample a buffet of men before settling on the main course.” [Can I Get a Man With That?]

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The Johnny Cupcakes Cannon: Get A Face Full Of Wasted Treats

I heard my dad’s voice while watching this video from the Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase Tour. You see, when I wouldn’t eat as a child, my dad would say there were starving children in Africa who would be happy for pumpernickel bread and okra. I’d roll my eyes and think: “Whether I eat or don’t, the African kids still wouldn’t get my food.” I’ve matured since then and try not to waste food or get entertainment from people wasting food. (Good thing “Double Dare” isn’t my favorite show anymore.) But even I laughed hysterically at the folks in this video who were shot in the face with cupcakes fired from a 120 psi cannon. After all, Johnny Cupcakes is a clothing company known for its cupcake and crossbones logo. How can you not laugh? [Gizmodo via Impact Lab] Keep reading »

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