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Rising Market: Stylish Bullet-Proof Clothes


For a while, a Colombian clothes designer named Miguel Caballero seemed to be the only player in what seemed to be a extremely niche segment of the market—bullet-proof clothes that were stylish to boot. No more, reports Fox News. Read more on Newser…

California Sterilized Inmates Without Lawful Consent


The California prison system illegally had dozens of women sterilized, possibly without their consent, according to a new report from the state auditor. Of the 144 inmates given tubal ligations from fiscal years 2005-06 to 2012-13, at least 39 were done without lawful consent, with physicians either failing to sign forms confirming that patients understood and consented to the procedures, failing to wait the requisite number of days to perform the procedure, or both, according to the Center for Investigative Reporting. Read more on Newser…

Thirsty Women Make Hot Dude’s Mugshot Go Viral

Thirsty Women Make Hot Dude's Mugshot Go Viral

Meet Jeremy Meeks, a green-eyed, full-lipped, neck-tattooed hunk of burning love convicted felon, arrested for getting me pregnant with those fuck me eyes on felony weapons charges yesterday in Stockton, California. When Meeks’ mugshot was posted to the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook yesterday, his male model good looks caused the photo to go viral, as women all over shared the pic and declared their collective thirst. He can get a conjugal with me anytime. [The Daily Dot]

Mommy Blogger Accused Of Poisoning Son To Death In Bid For Attention

Mommy Blogger Accused Of Poisoning Son To Death In Bid For Attention

Today in P.A.F.U. (People Are Fucked Up) news: a mommy blogger named Lacey Spears, 26, is accused of deliberately making her 5-year-old son, Garnett-Paul Spears, sick so she could blog about it, leading to the child’s death in January. Spears, from Chestnut Ridge, NY, was arrested and charged with second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter after she administered Garnett a fatal dose of sodium while he was in the hospital. Spears had brought her son into the hospital saying he was suffering from seizures, and while doctors investigated his illness, his sodium levels skyrocketed. They transferred the worsening child to a Children’s Hospital where he died. Police believe Spears was using Garnett’s stomach tube to administer the sodium. The murder charge indicates police don’t believe Spears intended to kill her son, but that she acted with a disturbing indifference towards his life and well-being. Keep reading »

Study Says Women Are Aroused By Their Shoes

shoe turn on

Women see shoes as purely utilitarian accessories that help them get around town … right? Uh, not exactly. The online retailer Shoebuy.com has confirmed in a nationwide survey that women really do love their shoes—in ways that are a little surprising, The Oklahoman reports. Read more on Newser…

It Happened In Florida: Woman Busted With 7 Stolen Lobster Tails Stuffed Down Her Pants (And She’s A Juggalo!)

Pantsless Criminals
8 Criminals Who Were Caught With Their Pants Off
Eight criminals who were caught with their pants off. Read More »
It Happened In Florida: Woman Busted With 7 Stolen Lobster Tails Stuffed Down Her Pants (And She's A Juggalo!)

Never change, Florida, never change. Meet Nichole Ann Reed, a 30-year-old Juggalo (whose Facebook says her most recent job was “eating them” at “The Dark Carnival”) who was recently busted by security for stealing seven frozen lobster tails from a Publix supermarket in DeLand. (Remember, sticky-fingered Floridians, Publix has security cameras.) Security footage showed Reed stuffing the tails down her pants and police picked her up a few hours later. And get this: she wasn’t even planning on eating them! Reed told police that she was either going to trade the lobster tails with a friend in exchange for a Chinese buffet lunch or the opiate Dilaudid. Tough decision, truly — and one she won’t have to make now that she’s in the clink. [Crime Feed]

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