“Jeopardy” Contestant’s Answer Is Wrong In Many Many Ways

By: Katrin Higher / April 5, 2015

Watching “Jeopardy” can be pretty intense if you’re an old bat like me who finds trivia and Alex Trebeck enticing, but watching this dude give a very wrong and very predatory answer is pretty awkward and squirm-inducing for anyone. If Tom really thinks the age of consent for girls is 12, then maybe we should… More »

“Price Is Right” Model Accidentally Gives Away Car, Hides Behind Prop In Shame

By: Claire Hannum / April 3, 2015

A “Price Is Right” contestant got a wild lucky break yesterday when model Manuela Arbelaez accidentally gifted her a new Hyundai. Arbelaez is usually responsible for Vanna White-style tasks like removing cards and revealing numbers according to contestants’ guesses. When contestant Andrea guessed the wrong price on the car, Arbelaez not only revealed the “No” behind Andrea’s incorrect… More »

Michelle Obama Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Dancing, Takes Her Act To Jimmy Fallon

By: Megan Reynolds / April 3, 2015

Think how borig late night TV will be when the Obamas aren’t in the White House. … More »

This Is The Only Car Lip Sync Inspiration You’ll Ever Need

By: Claire Hannum / April 2, 2015

The all-lady comedy group SketchShe has provided the universe with this multi-era car lip sync mashup, and it’s very…comprehensive. “Mime Through Time” takes us through the decades from the ’40s all the way through to today as the ladies jam out to artists like Whitney Houston, Queen, Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg, and Beyonce, complete with matching… More »

Katie Couric Pranks James Corden With An April Fools’ Tumble Down The Stairs

By: Claire Hannum / April 2, 2015

Katie Couric greeted James Corden of the “Late Late Show” with a colossal fall down the studio stairs as flailing audience members tried to reach out to break her tumble. Luckily for Couric (and unfortunately for her stunt woman) a lookalike decoy had taken the fall in her place as an April Fools’ joke, pushing poor traumatized Corde… More »

Here’s A First Look At The Amy Winehouse Documentary

By: Megan Reynolds / April 2, 2015

Here’s your first peek at the Amy Winehouse documentary, set to be released in the UK this summer. Watch as a young Winehouse shares her dreams about fame and her concerns about success over a haunting rendition of “Back to Black,” and prepare yourself for all the emotions you didn’t necessarily want to feel this early… More »

Rihanna “Pranks” Jimmy Kimmel For the One April Fools’ Day Trick We Approve Of

By: Megan Reynolds / April 2, 2015

If someone owes you money, take note. … More »

Wanna Watch Some Incredibly Creepy Children Sing About Scientology?

By: Robyn Pennacchia / April 1, 2015

You know you do. More »

Watch Ad-Rock Of The Beastie Boys Give Excellent Advice On Rookie’s “Ask A Grown Man” Series

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / April 1, 2015

While MCA will forever have legend status (RIP), Ad-Rock has always been my favorite Beastie Boy. (No disrespect to Mike D, BTW, who is awesome as well and it’s not like I would ever call him my least favorite Beastie, there’s no such thing.) His rhymes were my favorite, he’s been married or involved with… More »

Just Look At This Asshole: Chintzy Indiana Pizzeria Thrilled To Not Make Pizza For Gay Weddings

By: Robyn Pennacchia / April 1, 2015

Although we’re at the point where even freaking NASCAR is denouncing the state of Indiana for their crap “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” and pretty much everyone in the known universe thinks it’s the worst, there are those that are excited about the thrilling possibilities it will bring to their lives.

One such place i… More »

Adrienne Bailon Sings Publicly For The First Time In Six Years To Honor Selena

By: Claire Hannum / April 1, 2015

The talented Adrienne Bailon, who you may know as a former Cheetah Girl, a singer from 3LW, or the most rational person to ever appear on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” ended her nearly six-year break from the musical spotlight to honor late Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Perez. Selena died 20 years ago today when she was shot… More »

Watch Tracy Emin Recreate Her Past In Tate’s Exhibition Of “My Bed”

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / March 31, 2015

Plus, Ikea is providing the United Nations with flat-pack refugee shelters — awesome! Click for more in Today’s Lady News… More »

April Fools’ Day Jokes Before April Fools’ Day Are Not Okay

By: Megan Reynolds / March 31, 2015

Stay woke. … More »

Martha Stewart Should Run Every Celebrity Roast, Ever

By: Megan Reynolds / March 31, 2015

It’s a good thing. More »

Squee Your Monday Away With This Baby Clouded Leopard

By: Claire Hannum / March 30, 2015

On March 7, an endangered clouded leopard kitten was born at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo! More »

Ari Shaffir Spews Hate At Fellow Comic Damienne Merlina — But She Gets The Last Word

By: Katrin Higher / March 30, 2015

Time for the quarterly controversy in the comedy world! This time, it is at the hands of mediocre comedy bro Ari Shaffir, who out of nowhere decided to deride a one-armed woman from Los Angeles whom he has barely ever even had interaction with. During a stand-up set that recently aired on Comedy Central, ShaffirMore »

“SNL”‘s Kate McKinnon Slayed This Robert Durst Impression, Much Like Robert Durst Slayed Everyone Else

By: Beejoli Shah / March 30, 2015

The ever-delightful Kate McKinnon took a break from her on-point Justin Bieber impressions on this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live,” to bring out an even more perfect impersonation: murderous real estate scion Robert Durst.

For a comedy variety show, McKinnon managed to make fake Bobby Durst even more terrifying than the real Durst, who… More »

Jamie Foxx Pokes Fun At Bruce Jenner’s Transition At iHeartRadio Music Awards

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / March 30, 2015

Not funny and transphobic. More »

Watch Rihanna Slay “Bitch Better Have My Money” At The iHeartRadio Awards

By: Megan Reynolds / March 30, 2015

The rallying cry for the freelance economy gets its first live performance. More »

Watch A Beautiful Flight Through The Moon’s Shadow

By: Claire Hannum / March 27, 2015

For those of a more superstitious leaning, last Friday’s lunar eclipse brought with it big changes and heavy emotions, but it also left behind a gift that everyone could enjoy no matter their level of woo-woo astrological beliefs: beautiful photos of the event for limitless oohing and ahhing. This timelapse film of a plane flying past the eclipse didn’t surface until days after… More »

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