Bruce Jenner Speaks, Briefly, In New Diane Sawyer Interview Promo

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / April 15, 2015

Man, ABC is really going to milk the buildup to their big Bruce Jenner exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer for all its worth, huh? In this new promo for the two-hour episode of “20/20,” airing April 24, Bruce finally speaks! “My whole life has been getting me ready for this,” he says, which either refer… More »

Jemima Kirke Opens Up About Ending A Pregnancy In This PSA

By: Claire Hannum / April 15, 2015

In a new PSA for the Center for Reproductive Rights’ Draw The Line campaign, “Girls” actress and mother of three Jemima Kirke shares her story of terminating a pregnancy when she was in college back in 2007. I love her candidness, especially her succinct way of describing how safe abortion procedures often fall in that fuzzy middle ground between just barely accessible… More »

Read About Wonder Woman’s Longstanding Place In Art

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / April 14, 2015

Plus, Joss Whedon takes on “Jurassic Park” and lady blog The Mary Sue in Today’s Lady News! More »

Rihanna Rolls A Spliff, Wears Fur, Urges You To Relax Because It’s Not Cocaine

By: Megan Reynolds / April 14, 2015

Sometimes your nose gets itchy. … More »

Russian Teens’ Winnie The Pooh-Themed Twerk Routine Causes Big Trouble In Russia

By: Megan Reynolds / April 14, 2015

The dance studio is charged with negligence and perverted deeds … More »

Jennifer Hudson Sings With James Corden, Proves She Has No Indoor Voice

By: Megan Reynolds / April 14, 2015

If you sing this well, maybe you don’t need an indoor voice? More »

Janelle Monae’s “Yoga” Is The Mind/Body/Club Anthem We Needed

By: Megan Reynolds / April 13, 2015

“You cannot police me / So get off my aereola.” … More »

Amy Schumer’s “Milk Milk Lemonade” Is An Amazingly Stupid Parody Of Booty Jams

By: Megan Reynolds / April 13, 2015

Around the corner, fudge is made. … More »

Man Accuses Girlfriend Of Sleeping With The Entire Wu-Tang Clan, Takes It To “Divorce Court”

By: Megan Reynolds / April 13, 2015

“Divorce Court” is the best show on television. … More »

Madonna Kisses Drake At Coachella, His Face Says It All

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / April 13, 2015

Damn, Drake, that bad? Last night at the Coachella Music Festival, Madonna surprised Drake onstage during his performance of the song “Madonna,” strutting around the rapper as he sat in a chair, and warbling her own song, “Human Nature.” She then made good on her wish to one day kiss him, planting a big ol’ unexpected wet one o… More »

“Fuck Your Breath”: Officer Caught On Tape Mocking Yet Another Black Man Fatally Shot By Police

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / April 12, 2015

On Friday, the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Department released video of a reserve deputy “accidentally” shooting unarmed Black man, Eric Harris, when he fled from police following an undercover sting operation on April 2. The graphic video shows Reserve Deputy Robert Charles “Bob” Bates and other officers pursuing Harris on foot before catching up to him… More »

Amazing Artist Paints Chuck Close-ish Portrait Of Beyonce In 60 Hours

By: Katrin Higher / April 11, 2015

What better way to spend your Saturday than watching this amazing time-lapsed video of not yet 20-year-old NYU art student Chris Minafo drawing a giant beautiful portrait of Beyonce! Chris calls Bey his “idol,” and now he’s min. Chris, can I be your BFF? I’m old and stuff but I can totally hang! More »

Watch These 3 Pre-Teen Sisters Slay Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / April 11, 2015

Want proof that sisters Daniela, 14, Paulina, 12, and Alejandra, 9, are more metal than you? Just watch their Monterrey, Mexico-based band, The Warning, shred their way through Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett and Lars Ulrich would totally headbang in approval. [Daily Dot]… More »

Elizabeth Warren On “The Daily Show”: Students Don’t Have The Lobbyists Big Business Does

By: Robyn Pennacchia / April 10, 2015

Kills it, as always. More »

Key And Peele’s Enthusiastic Valets Really, Really Love “Game Of Thrones”

By: Megan Reynolds / April 10, 2015

The valets are at it again. … More »

And Now, Your First “Look” At The Bruce Jenner Interview

By: Megan Reynolds / April 10, 2015

Well, that was … revealing. More »

The Daily Squee: Let’s Watch Kittens Ride Mops

By: Claire Hannum / April 9, 2015

Hey, you survived another weekday! You definitely deserve a glorious 40 seconds of footage of cats riding on mops while banjo music randomly plays in the background! You go, champ! [Tastefully Offensive]… More »

What On Earth Is Going On With This Dinesh D’Souza Video?

By: Robyn Pennacchia / April 9, 2015

Vanity Fair has a video interview with Dinesh D’Souza and it is BIZARRE. More »

Stationery Company Fights Homophobia, Turns Hate Speech Into Confetti

By: Claire Hannum / April 9, 2015

Ireland will hold a public vote on the legal standing of same-sex marriage on May 22, and the lead-up to the decision is bringing out the worst in local homophobes. Thankfully, the tension is also bringing out the best in others, like Dublin stationery store Daintree Paper. In an effort to take a step toward equality, Daintree created… More »

Watch Ryan Gosling’s Gorgeous Face Fill With Shame As His Phone Goes Off During An Interview

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / April 9, 2015

My boyfriend Ryan Gosling is such a gentleman. Unlike most men, he never texts during dinner. In fact, his phone is always upstairs and turned off during mealtime, because he doesn’t want anything to get in the way of hearing about how my day was and what positions I would like to have sex in after we’re done digesting… More »

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