Donald Trump “Hopes To Run Against” Kanye In 2020

Rebecca Vipond Brink / September 3, 2015

When Rolling Stone asked Donald Trump about Kanye West’s apparent campaign for presidency in 2020, Trump said, “I hope to run against him someday.”
Well, that, as well as claiming that Kanye has said “very nice things” about Trump in the past, because the man can’t help but compliment himself every time he opensMore »

Taylor Swift’s (Racist) Video For “Wildest Dreams” Isn’t Racist Because The Producer Is “Super Hot” And “Black,” Says Director

Megan Reynolds / September 2, 2015

“Super hot black producer” is the new “black friend.”… More »

Magical Cat Takes Bullet To Head, Saves Toddler

Rebecca Vipond Brink / September 2, 2015

This cat is better than all of us. More »

Dan Savage Rips Into Homophobic KY Clerk: She’s “Waiting To Cash In”

Rebecca Vipond Brink / September 2, 2015

Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis, you might have heard, is refusing to perform her job and issue marriage licenses to gay couples. Davis claims she’s doing this under God’s authority, which is strange, because she’s employed by the state.
Advice columnist, activist, and occasional pundit Dan Savage broke down all of the reasons Davis isMore »

Hey, This Man Doing The Splits Is The Dumbest Thing You’ll See Today

Megan Reynolds / September 1, 2015

Dumb. So dumb. … More »

Yes, Christina Applegate Should Play Meryl Streep In A Lifetime Movie, Why Is That Even A Question

Megan Reynolds / September 1, 2015

Everything about this works. … More »

Kentucky Clerk Defies SCOTUS, Continues To Refuse To Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Robyn Pennacchia / September 1, 2015

Get another job, lady. … More »

Britney Spears: “Men Can Suck My Fucking Toe”

Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 1, 2015

BRB getting that tattooed on my middle finger. More »

“He Named Me Malala” Looks Just As Wonderful As Expected

Bronwyn Isaac / August 31, 2015

Malala Yousafzai is one of the few strangers with the ability to consistently make me cry. It could be an interview where she calls Obama out about drones, or a quote from her about equal-opportunity education for girls, or even just the passing reflection of her face from a bus or billboard or ghost i… More »

TLC’s Child Molestation Special Was Scrubbed Clean Of Any References To Josh Duggar

Last night, while the rest of the world was immersed in the VMAs, TLC aired their much discussed special on childhood sexual abuse called “Breaking the Silence,” which was made in direct response to the allegations that one of their biggest stars — “19 Kids and Counting”‘s Josh Duggar — had molested his sisters when he was aMore »

Nicki Minaj’s Confrontation With Miley Cyrus At The VMAs Was Not Staged

Pretty sure Miley planned to free her nipple though. More »

Watch: Emotional Downton Abbey Season Six Trailer!

Katrin Higher / August 30, 2015

The final season of everyone’s favorite Downton Abbey is almost upon us! Ok, September 20th, but still, it goes by fast.
Watch this trailer and I dare you not to get slightly teary-eyed.
Sunday nights just won’t be the same after this ends. Whatever will replace our soap opera couched in PBS camera quality and… More »

Watch: Disturbing Video Of Sarah Palin Adoring Donald Trump

Katrin Higher / August 29, 2015

Former VP candidate Sarah Palin is clearly head-over-heels for presidential candidate Donald Trump. I guess “mavericks” should stick together.
But one look at the video and it’s clear that they are both really boring mavericks. Yawn.
One of the funniest moments however, is when Palin asks him about the “idiots in the press” and Trum… More »

Amy Schumer & Jennifer Lawrence Dance On Billy Joel’s Piano, Ascend To New Heights Of BFF-Status

Megan Reynolds / August 28, 2015

We accept this new blonde duo as our rubric for best friendship, I guess. … More »

Ben Carson Says He Has Only Declared War On Women’s Insides

Robyn Pennacchia / August 27, 2015

Yes, but as they say– it’s what’s inside that matters. More »

Here’s A Solid Plan B: Quit Your Life And Join The Cat Circus

Megan Reynolds / August 27, 2015

Hey hey, it’s the end of summer and Labor Day is around the corner and oh god, everything is going to be miserable soon because winter, as you and Jon Snow know it, is coming. Stave off the inevitable ennui of your pedestrian autumn and your dreary winter by giving up that office lyfe and… More »

Alison Parker & Adam Ward’s WDBJ Colleagues Pay Tribute To Murdered Journalists

“We want to pause and reflect and share once again what made these two so special.”More »

Taylor Swift’s Super-Cool Best Friends Club Includes Lisa Kudrow, Apparently

Megan Reynolds / August 27, 2015

Somehow, this makes sense. More »

Australian Education Minister Bans Documentary About LGBT Families

Rebecca Vipond Brink / August 27, 2015

Here’s a confusing story: There’s an Australian documentary called “Gayby Baby” about gay and lesbian couples raising children that has received accolades, sold out at the Sydney Film Festival as well as at showings in Canada and New Zealand, and was screened just last week for the New South Wales Parliament as part of theMore »

BEHOLD: A Grizzly Bear Just Rolling Down A Hill

Robyn Pennacchia / August 25, 2015

If only we were all this free. More »

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