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Backstage At The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

We have to wait until Dec. 1 to see the full insanity of the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but this teaser is totally making us want to tune in. Seriously, who can say no to a bevy of insanely hot girls (one of whom brought her puppy!), the unprecedentedly minimalistic wings, and fancy underwear? Cheesy though it is, the VS show is a pretty fun tradition at this point, and we love seeing a little of the prep work that goes into it. From tables of hair extensions to mounds of body glitter, it’s hilarious how much it takes to make these models look “natural!” Our favorite part though? Makeup artist Tom Pecheux talking about his ultimate show goal: “I want the girls to be like ‘wow, those bitches look fabulous!’” Well, congratulations, Tom — those bitches DO look fabulous. Keep reading »

Trailer Park: “The Blind Side,” “Planet 51,” “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” “Broken Embraces”

It’s the weekend before Thanksgiving, so as you’re preparing for the feast and practicing your competitive-eating game face, don’t forget that you need breaks for good behavior. Plus, if you eat a giant tub of popcorn, you might manage to stretch your belly as if you were consuming popping peanuts, which will allow you to hold more food than the portions you were planning on holding in your cheeks like a hamster. This week, get some humanity with “The Blind Side,” learn that we’re all aliens to someone in “Planet 51,” get your teen wolf heartthrob quota met with “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” and learn about Latin love with “Broken Embraces.” Keep reading »

“Bonnie And Bonnie”: The Tale Of Two Stylish Robbers

Now here’s a fashion short done right—it’s campy, cute, and not trying to be pretentious. StyleCaster’s short film “Bonnie and Bonnie” features all the makings of pure fashion entertainment. Follow Bonnie and Bonnie, two awesomely dressed roommates (one if whom is “The City” star Erin Lucas), who, it turns out, look that way because they’re robbers. Oh, and lesbians. Of course. [StyleCaster] Keep reading »

Chola Makeup Girl Resurfaces On “Lopez Tonight”!

Remember when we were all crazy about YouTube sensation Glowpinkstah, famous for her signature chola and goth girl makeup tutorials? She actually agreed to create some extra special videos for us, but after she stopped returning our calls and emails, we figured maybe she’d retired. Not so! Turns out she just got more famous. Check her out on George Lopez’s show. Baby Smiley! Don’t forget the little people. Call us! [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

I Learned How To Dance From The Interwebs

Confession: my secret dream has always been to be a dancer. Harsh reality: I am a hot, awkward mess on the dance floor. Back in the day, I used to be the wallflower at the party watching other people get down … until one fateful night when, with the help of a little liquid courage, I got the nerve to cut loose and try some moves I had seen online. And I discovered a new way to tear it up—to rock the worst dance moves possible. Yes, I became the best-worst dancer at every party and received all the negative-positive attention so rightly owed to me. Who do I have to thank for the revelation? Soulja Boy, who taught me how to crank the “Superman.” Bonus points if you know what it means to “Superman that ho.” Thank you for your fine lyrics and hot moves, Soulja! But a dancer has to keep her moves fresh. That’s why I’m always cruisin’ the web for the newest dance craze that will help me keep my skillz sharp and ready for any dance-off in da club. After the jump, my fave internet dance crazes. Keep reading »

Model Daul Kim Commits Suicide In Paris

The writing was on the wall. Twenty-year-old model Daul Kim, who authorities believe committed suicide yesterday, gave indications that she felt pressured by the fashion industry on her blog, I Like to Fork Myself, and in interviews. “I’m usually very miserable, so I reward myself with a fur coat every year,” Kim told RUSSH magazine in October. On Oct. 30, she wrote on her blog that she “was mad depressed and overworked.” Another entry reads: “the more i gain the more lonely it is … i know i’m like a ghost.” And her last entry, dated Nov. 18, was titled “say hi to forever” and she embedded British singer Jim Rivers’ “I Go Deep” video. Her boyfriend, who wished not to be named in the press, found Daul hanged in her Paris apartment the day after that. Keep reading »

Maybe There Should Be Police Cats?

Being a police officer is hard, especially when you have to write speeding tickets. Sometimes the drivers won’t pull over; other times people just get really pissed, and occasionally … a cat climbs on your head while you are responding to the call of duty. Even the FOX newscasters had trouble keeping straight faces when they aired this video of a cat who obvs thought this police officer was a tree. The dude kicked the little kitty away repeatedly, but it came right back, eventually making it up to the cop’s head. The ‘po should have just put the little critter in handcuffs. Duh. Keep reading »

Double The R-Patz, Double The Swoon

Want to hear an effective marketing strategy? Premiere the trailer for a movie starring Robert Pattinson as a lovesick college student the day “New Moon” comes out. He may not sparkle in this one, but his role in “Remember Me” certainly continues his theme of playing soulful, poetry-reciting, brooding dudes. And aside from the whole quirky-girl-eats-dessert-before-dinner bit, this one looks kind of good. Will you go see “Remember Me”? Keep reading »

Quickies: Lady Gaga As Her Natural Self & Mariah Carey Is Denied Doves And Kittens

  • Lady Gaga, four years ago performing at NYU under her birth name and in her bare feet, stuns the judges with talent. They loved how she can “blow, sing, and tickle the keys.” [NYU Local] — Love it.
  • A New York bride sued her wedding photographer for posting semi-nude pictures of her on his professional website after she explicitly told him not to photograph her while she denuded. [Gothamist] — Strange. And I’m happy my photographer was awesome.
  • The maid café trend in Japan is here to stay and competition is really fierce for the 217 eateries, where things keep getting crazier and crazier. [CNNGo]

Keep reading »

The Couple That Pranks Together Stays Together

How does New Jersey guy Jesse Wellens keep his love alive with his lady? He torments her with some good ol’ fashioned pranks. And how does she show her appreciation for said pranks? She gets him back … good … with some special brownies. When I stumbled across their videos, I seriously peed my pants. I’m always a sucker for a well-executed prank. In a sick way it’s kind of romantic—freaking out the person you love for a laugh. Laughter seems to be their secret ingredient for a happy life together. And maybe a dash of Ex-Lax here and there. The prank above proves that confetti + baby powder + car = a really angry girlfriend. See more of their hilarious pranks after the jump. [Asylum] Keep reading »

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