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“Bootyclipse” Is Booty Shaking Without The Booty

The other day I came across the video art of Dennis Knopf, whose “Bootyclipse” video series takes “booty shaking” videos and removes the booty shaking part. If you’re not familiar with the concept, sometimes amateur booty-shakers set up webcams, videotape themselves shaking their booties for the camera, and then upload said booty shaking video to YouTube. Knopf isolated the few seconds before the woman steps into the frame and starts shaking her booty, looped those seconds, and, voila, “Bootyclipse” was born. This one, “indian booty dance,” is my favorite. The original caption reads: “me bored ass [sic] hell doin a lil dance to Punjabi MC.” [YouTube] Keep reading »

“Bachelor” Jake Makes His “Dancing With The Stars” Debut In A Pink Bow Tie

The 10th season of “Dancing With the Stars” premiered last night with its “most talked-about cast in history,” including “Bachelor” Jake Pavelka, because I guess ABC figures we didn’t get enough of the cheesy piece of milquetoast already. Jake began the season by presenting his dance partner, saucy blonde Chelsie Hightower, with a rose because “that’s how he starts every great relationship” (ooh, Vienna’s gonna be jealous!) and then he danced the Vienna, I mean Viennese Waltz, in a pink bow tie. Oh yes, a pink bow tie. Ladies, you thought the mock turtleneck was bad? I have a feeling we haven’t seen anything yet. Insert obligatory joke here about fastening your seatbelts because this season of “DWTS” is going to be a bumpy ride. (But I guess that joke only works if Jake is still a pilot, and when do you imagine was the last time he actually flew a plane? He’s been too busy passing out roses and perfecting his two-step). [via YouTube] Keep reading »

Drinking Bottled Water Is “Like Smoking While Pregnant”

Just a few short decades ago, the idea that people would pay for bottled water seemed like a joke. Who would buy a product that was already free? Fast forward to now, when Coca-Cola and other major manufacturers of the stuff are laughing all the way to the bank. Today is World Water Day, and it’s a great occasion to watch activist Annie Leonard’s seven-minute film that makes an extremely compelling case for why tap water is just as good, if not better, than the kind that comes wrapped in a pretty plastic package. I’m not interested in buying my water at the convenience store ever again. [Huffington Post] Keep reading »

The Strange Reproductive Story Of The Male Pipefish

The reproductive habits of the male pipefish may not have been on your mind lately, but the topic reaps facts that are more surprising than you might think. What’s a pipefish, you ask? It’s basically a lot like a seahorse, but without the curl. And, remarkably, they’re one of the few species on the planet where the male gets pregnant. Previously, it was thought that seahorses and pipefish were stellar dads. During mating, they take the eggs from the females, fertilize them, and carry the babies to term in their brood pouches. Now, it turns out that the male baby-carriers have a shocking secret: after mating with “less attractive” females, they sometimes abort those theoretically “less attractive” babies. “If the male likes the mom, the kids are treated better,” explains Kimberly Paczolt, the study’s lead researcher at Texas A&M University. But, “If he is not overly fond of the mother,” the male may decide that the eggs are not worth raising, and abort them. He may even “eat” them, by absorbing them into his body. In terms of ideal mates, the male pipefish prefers a larger female. When it comes to pipefish, bigger is better. [Neatorama] Keep reading »

T-Pain Wants To Do Reverse Cowgirl With You

Are you familiar with the term “reverse cowgirl”? If you are not, let me explain. It’s not a woman riding on a horse backwards. It’s a sexual position in which the woman is on top and facing away from the man. You get it? Now, T-Pain has seen fit to give the position a salute in the form of a song, “Reverse Cowgirl.” The video, which is sort of like a slow jam homage to doin’ it that way, features a woman flailing around on the floor with a saddle on her back. It also features T-Pain singing in that horrible Auto-Tune way. The lyrics are, well, they are what they are, aren’t they? “I like how you do it,” he caterwauls, “just put it in reverse cowgirl.” Sounds like he’s asking her to put the car in second gear. Needless to say, I won’t be doing the reverse cowgirl on the dance floor anytime soon. Keep reading »

Betty White’s New Sitcom Looks Cheestastically Delicious

You know how we Friskyites love Betty White and are way looking forward to her hosting “Saturday Night Live” in May. But—surprise!—Betty also has a new show that will be premiering on TV Land in June. It’s called “Hot in Cleveland” and it co-stars some other ladies who are sitcom heavy hitters—mainly Valerie Bertinelli of “One Day at a Time,” Wendie Malick of “Just Shoot Me” and Jane Leeves of “Frasier.” We’re not sure how we feel about the canned laughter and timing in this clip, but we like the revelation that Betty’s wise-cracking caretaker is a pothead. Keep reading »

Baby Vs. Cat: A Little Cuteness To Get Your Weekend Started Early

Dudes, it’s Friday, the weather here in NYC is unbelievably gorgeous, and I’m still nursing a wicked hangover after a Frisky staff party last night where I maybe had one too many gin and tonics. So, for all those reasons, plus I love cats (and babies), here’s a super cute video for you to watch. Everyone, now: aww. [via BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Proof Sandra Bullock Knew Her Husband Was Cheatin’

Rumor has it that Sandra Bullock didn’t learn about her husband’s alleged infidelity until Monday when her publicist, who got a heads-up about the In Touch cover story, broke the news to Sandra herself. But some are saying if you watch the way she interacted with her husband at the Oscars a couple weeks ago, it’s totally obvious he was in the doghouse. Check out the clip above from the moments after her name was called for the Best Actress win. Is that the face of a woman scorned or what? [via BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Quotable: Chloe Sevigny Didn’t Always Appreciate Kissing Michelle Williams

“Back then, she was just a girl from ‘Dawson’s Creek,’ and I was super-indie, so I was like, Ew, gross.”

– Chloe Sevigny on smooching Michelle Williams in “If These Walls Could Talk 2″ [The Advocate] Keep reading »

Prepare To Sob During “The Greatest,” Starring Carey Mulligan

I know I said “Eat Pray Love” looks good earlier today, but I take that back. “Eat Pray Love” looks OK, and “The Greatest” looks really, really good. I was practically in tears just watching this trailer. Carey Mulligan plays a young woman who gets pregnant, and after the father dies, she goes to live with his family, who initially doesn’t treat her very warmly. “The Greatest” comes out April 2. [via] Keep reading »

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