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Liza Minnelli Singing “Single Ladies” In “Sex and The City 2″ Is Heinous. Heinous!

Cover your ears, children: here’s the audio of Liza Minnelli performing Beyoncé‘s song “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” in “Sex and The City 2.” Damnnnn, somebody better get fired over this! It sounds like klezmer. I’m sorry, but I’d rather watch those little girls dressed like hoochies do the “Single Ladies” dance on YouTube for a million years than listen to this song again. [Vanity Fair] Keep reading »

Every Single Shirtless Hottie Moment Ever Seen On “Lost”

This, this is why I love the internet. Every. Single. Shirtless. Moment. Ever seen on “Lost.” It’s so hard to say goodbye, but this video will have your private parts saying HELLO! [via NYMag.com] Keep reading »

Is Giving Your Baby Pop Rocks Cute Or Cruel?

I’m a big fan of videos featuring other people’s kids trying something new for the first time and laughing about it. Like that little boy who was filmed by his dad after a trip to the dentist and he was all high on whatever they gave him and was kind of tripping out — that made me howl. But the trend of filming your babies eating PopRocks candy for the first time gives me pause. I want to think it’s adorable and funny, but then I remember that I actually hate PopRocks and think the little jumping pieces of sugar kind of hurt. I sure as hell wouldn’t be down with someone putting them in my mouth without my permission, especially if I was barely able to walk and, as is the case of young Beckett, above, not even old enough to eat solid food. So, yeah, I dunno. Catherine thinks it’s cruel and she is basically the moral center of The Frisky. Jessica, meanwhile, has a heart made of marshmallows and rainbows, and she thinks it’s cute. What do you think? Harmless fun or child cruelty?! [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Doggie Yoga: Pay Good Money To Annoy The Heck Out Of Your Pooch

My dog Lucca does lots of really cute things. She even poops in a cute way — seriously, she looks at me while she’s doing it, like she’s almost ashamed to be in public relieving her bowels. Anyway, one other cute thing she does is dramatic stretching. First she stretches her front legs, then she individually points her back paws and stretches them. Really, she’s doing yoga, or “doga,” and she’s doing it with far more frequency than I am, if I’m being honest. So she’s really a perfect candidate for these ridiculous doga classes being offered around the country, where owners bring their pets to yoga class and they, like, open their chakras together. Doga has been around for awhile, but CBS, in the clip above, found a class in Omaha, Nebraska to spotlight, which just shows that doggie yoga is officially a big ol’ trend. I’m not sure that I would personally get much out of paying for a doga class, fitness-wise, and I suspect Lucca would rather do her doga on her own at home. She’s fiscally conservative. Keep reading »

Get Out Of That Boring Summer Ponytail Rut

Every Monday night while watching “Gossip Girl,” I gush over Blake Lively‘s endless blond locks, which are certainly unattainable without the assistance of a few extensions. However, one achievable hairdo from the flaxen-haired actress is her braided ponytail from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala. With summer’s impending humidity, we’ve been on the hunt for any cute way to lift hair off the shoulders and neck to keep cool despite the 90+ degrees, because the go-to ponytail will quickly become pretty boring. In an effort to diversify your hairstyle, attempt the braided pony like Blake. Celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson provides a great how-to video so early morning hair struggles will become a thing of the past. [Stylelist] Keep reading »

Jesse James’ “Nightline” Interview Clip: He Talks Cheating And Cries

Lordy, lordy. Doesn’t this fool have a publicist who could have talked him out of this? “Nightline” has posted a clip of Sandra Bullock‘s soon-to-be-ex, Jesse James, admitting, “I took a pretty amazing life and marriage and threw it away.” And then he cries and walks off camera (natch). No hints yet if any of our 10 predictions of what will happen come true.

Watch more neo-Nazi-loving foolery on Tuesday morning on “Good Morning America” and the full interview on “Nightline” on Tuesday night. The Frisky is toying with the idea of a liveblog, seeing as this is a matter of great import. [Nightline] Keep reading »

Jessica Of Daily Affirmations Sits Down For A Video Interview With Urlesque

Remember Jessica, the little girl star of that awesome viral video featuring her screeching inspiring daily affirmations at herself in her bathroom mirror? Well, the good folks over at Urlesque tracked down Jessica, who’s not so little anymore, she’s 12, for a Skype interview. She talks about the video going viral, fielding calls from TV shows, and her plans on becoming a laywer. She’s still got those curls, and she’s still awesome. [Urlesque] Keep reading »

This Is What An Off-Duty Flight Attendant Looks Like (Cute!)

Think “flight attendant” and images of nude stockings, nylon blazers, and straight skirts that border on matronly probably come to mind. We’re obsessed, however, with Asako Itono, a flight attendant for Emirates Airlines, who was caught in her off-duty uniform on the streets of NYC. Girl has got some awesome indie style, mixing rare pieces from Japan with classic brands like Burberry. Something to consider … being a flight attendant could also mean having a rad international wardrobe. [The Cut] Keep reading »

“Lost” Star Michael Emerson Makes Everything Sound Ominous

Lost” star Michael Emerson (Ben Linus) can make even seemingly happy sentences seem scary. That’s talent. [via Vulture] Keep reading »

Kim Cattrall Lost Magazine Cover For Refusing To Pose With A Cougar

Hmm, which is the “significant magazine for women over 40″ that took away Kim Cattrall‘s cover when she refused to pose with a cougar? More perhaps? That’s the only one I can think of. Maybe AARP? But whoever it is, that’s douchey. Yay for Kim for speaking up that she personally finds the term “cougar” to be insulting because “that’s something that people who are uncomfortable with strong women have labeled [her "Sex & The City" character, Samantha].” Hollywood needs more mouthy broads like her! [Extra TV] Keep reading »

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