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Five Years ‘Til Sex With Robots

David Levy, the author of Love and Sex with Robots went on The Colbert Report recently to talk about the book, which people have been discussing non-stop since its publication in November. While the audience and Colbert laughed hysterically, David was completely serious, saying that we will be having sex with robots in five years and be capable of falling in love with them in 40. Not only will these robots be able to simulate humans well enough to get us to fall in love with them, but they’ll also be better in bed. Unlike humans with our handful of lovers from which we draw experience, the robots will be programmed with all of the information and tricks from all of the books ever written about sex. David says this is one of the major problems he sees, “…in particular with men having some sort of sexual anxiety because If they realize their woman has had the most fantastic sex of her life with a robot, guy might think, ‘I wonder if I can perform that well.’” But women will have something to worry about as well, because men will be able to program their robots to want to have sex with them. And at only a couple hundred dollars by mid century, a robot could be a better investment than a wife. [Comedy Central]

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Couples Dating Is The New Swinging!

Now that I am engaged, I am already feeling the pressure to start hanging out with more couples, doing double-datey things like going to the adult arcade, fancy restaurants, and the opera. Which all sounded swell to me until a married friend sent me this video, warning me that this was what I was in for. Of course, I laughed, because this little toe-tapper by Riegal & Blatt explores the many ridiculous aspects of couples dating through hysterical one-liners like, “My wife and I see new friends, on who we can depend, because our single friends tend to party when we feel sleepy” and “How about a 7pm movie? Staying up late just isn’t groovy. Besides the farmer’s market opens early tomorrow — it’s almost strawberry season!” But then I wanted to cry because I never wanted to believe that getting married meant being so boring that you’re now the punchline to a joke on YouTube. Is it really? [YouTube: Weekend Plans] Keep reading »

American Idol Introduces Us To Father/Son Purity Pledges

American Idol always gives us plenty of hysterical tidbits and this year has been no different. First there’s Alexis Cohen, the 23-year old glitter covered Grace Slick fan from Pennsylvania who sounded like an old Jewish grandmother; then there’s the Simon-obsessed Renaldo Lapuz who wrote a rather catchy diddy called “I Am Your Brother”; and, lastly, there’s this guy — Bruce Dickson. Bruce is a virgin, has never kissed a girl, and is not planning to until he gets married! In fact, he and his Dad each wear one part of a purity necklace, shaped like a heart and a key. When Bruce meets that one lucky lady (who’d better be as pure as he is!), Bruce’s daddy is going to give her his necklace so that now, Bruce will have the key to her heart. So, on one hand we’re majorly creeped out — we’ve never heard of fathers and sons making purity pledges! Isn’t that kind of pervy and gay? But on the flip side, it is totally nice that the completely misogynistic and sexist traditional of father’s guarding the purity of their daughters might be on its way to becoming co-ed. [YouTube] Keep reading »

Teacher’s Sexy Ad Gets Her In Trouble

When you’re a struggling actor, getting cast in a commercial is a big deal. But when you go on to become a teacher and the commercial gets posted on YouTube and discovered by your students, it’s an even bigger deal. Especially when your “acting” means pretending to do it on a desk. British teacher Sarah Greene has been suspended from her job because of her participation in a racy commercial for a clothing company years ago. We think the commercial is kind of amazing — plus, she advocates safe sex in the ad by pulling out a condom. [The Daily Mirror] Keep reading »

Jenna Jameson Retires From Porn. Sniff.

Big news in the porn world, ladies. Jenna Jameson, star of such films as Briana Loves Jenna and Blue Movie, announced at the Adult Video News Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas this weekend that she was retiring from porn, telling the crowd, “I will never spread my legs for this industry again.” I couldn’t really give a hoot, but what I absolutely love about this video of the event is A) Jenna’s whole Dorothy Gale in Oz romanticism on getting into porn at 18 and B) the absolutely ludicrous amount of nominees up for the award she’s presenting. Literally, there are 15 nominees for “Crossover Star Of the Year” — who didn’t get nominated? Also, what is a crossover star? Did one of these people — Lexington Steele, maybe? — make an appearance on Grey’s Anatomy or something? So confused. [YouTube] Keep reading »

Monster Love for The Weepies

The Weepies, one of my very favorite bands, recently revealed on their blog that they have a new baby (Congrats!) and just finished recording a new album, to be released sometime this year. In the meantime, watch this uber-cute video for their song, “World Spins Madly On,” in which a lovesick claymation monster waits for a letter from his sweetheart. [YouTube and The Weepies on MySpace] Keep reading »

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