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Celine Dion: The Greatest Ballad Singer In The World Is Also The Funniest!

There was a time, in our not so distant cynical past, when we hated Celine Dion and her cheesy Titanic-esque love songs. Now that we are mature and enjoy music that’s soothing (not to mention a high octave range), we love her! And now, thanks to this awesome YouTube video, we think she seems like a fun, awesome, totally insane human being, too. [YouTube: Celine Dion Is Amazing] Keep reading »

YouTube Love: There’s No Better Way Of Saying “Happy One-Month Anniversary” Than A Video Montage

  • For my boo.
    “i love my boyfriend seth so much, so i made a video for the 1 month anniversary of our relationship.”
    Hollyxhorror created a photo montage for her boyfriend, Seth, in honor of their one-month anniversary. Set to the tune of Secondhand Serenade’s “Half Alive,” the video includes photographs of Hollyxhorror glaring at the camera and Seth playing the guitar in an AC/DC t-shirt, as well as romantic quotes and hand-doodled images. Hooray for emo goth love! [YouTube: For My Boo]
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    Tila Tequila Gives A Frat Boy A Shot At Love

    I’m one of of the half dozen people who watched A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila on MTV and boy, oh boy, was I disappointed with the finale. The premise of the show had a group of men and women vying for the heart of Tila, the big ol’ MySpace hoochie. I didn’t want to believe the rumors that this alleged bisexual is actually straight as an arrow. Why? Because I think she’s cute and I have a girl crush on her. I should have seen the signs that, in the end, Tila was going to pick the meathead, Bobby, over the hot, vaguely androgynous, Dani. Michael K over at D-Listed spoke the truth, saying, “Fake bi-chicks will always choose dick before snatch.” And I do not have girl crushes on fake bi-chicks, so Tila, it’s OVER. [MTV] Keep reading »

    Michelle and John Brubaker Show Newlyweds How A First Dance Is Really Done

    Honestly, this puts all those couples swaying around to Etta James’ “At Last” to shame. [YouTube] Keep reading »

    No Longer Lost In Translation

    People either love it or hate it when movies have ambiguous endings, because instead of being mindlessly fed a plot, they have to think for themselves and try to figure out what happens. Like Lost in Translation. In the final scene, Bill Murray whispers something to Scarlett Johansson, they kiss, and then Bill walks away into the crowd as the Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Just Like Honey” plays. We’re sure you debated what he could have possibly said to her for hours on end. Well, you can shut up now, because someone took out all of the ambient noise and you can hear exactly what he says. So, is that what you expected to hear? [YouTube] Keep reading »

    Sherri Shephard Thinks Little Boys Are Just One Princess Skirt Away From Homo-Land

    While Elisabeth Hasselbeck is off on maternity leave, Sherri Shephard is The View‘s lone resident conservative and on yesterday’s episode of the hen house peck fest, guest Melina Kanakaredes brought up a rather innocent topic which led to a whole discussion about transgender teens. Kanakaredes said her young son was playing an imagination dress up game at his preschool recently and wanted to wear a dress — she expressed that this wasn’t something she had a problem with at all and was glad the teacher didn’t make an issue out of it either. Shephard felt very differently, asserting that she would have told the teacher to not allow him to do such a thing because “dresses are for girls not boys.” Barbara Walters was right to point out that a toddler playing make believe is a far cry from a teenage boy dressing in drag every day (something that might warrant a son-parent conversation), but Shephard was unrelenting in her opinion. But where do you stand? Do you think that there’s any harm in kids innocently experimenting with gender roles during playtime? And doesn’t this prove that gender roles in general are just learned behavior anyway? Letting your 3 year old son wear a skirt isn’t going to make him gay, but even if it did, would that be such a disaster? Weigh in with your opinion in the comments. Keep reading »

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