It’s Time To Cry: Man Finds Lost WWII Love Letter He’d Written To His Late Wife

By: Claire Hannum / February 19, 2015
Even the coldest, most bitter of hearts will melt at the sight of 90-year-old Bill Moore gushing over his late wife of 63 years, Bernadean. Bill and Bernadean were dating when he was just a 20-year-old fighting in World War II, back in 1945. While he was deployed, he wrote her countless love letters. Bernadean saved every one, but they were… More »

Here Is “Portlandia” On The Scourge Of The Male Feminist

By: Megan Reynolds / February 18, 2015
I have been waiting for "Portlandia" to take on the scourge of male feminists, those seedy, self-assured, "sensitive" dudes who are very eager to show you just how much they "care" about women's rights. As someone who dated a self-proclaimed male feminist who once told me that feminism isn't just a scarf you put o… More »

Melt Your Stress Away With This Enchanting Little Film

By: Claire Hannum / February 18, 2015
Designer Shunsuke Umiyama's latest creation is the bamboo copTer, a mobile made from a classic toy. These tiny helicopters, also known as taketambo or bamboo copters, lift into the air when spun. In Umiyama's mobile, they spin gently in the breeze, lulling the viewer's mind into forgetting the world for just a moment. If you're feeling high-strung today,… More »

Hardcore Marathoner Hyvon Ngetich Collapsed During The Austin Marathon And Finished Anyway

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / February 17, 2015
Kenyan marathon runner Hyvon Ngetich collapsed at the 26-mile mark at the Austin Marathon this weekend, and instead of accepting medical assistance, she crawled on her hands and knees to the finish line. She had led the race for the first 23 miles and still finished third, but the director of the marathon doubled her… More »

Bodybuilders Are Drinking Breast Milk, And I Quit Reality For Today

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / February 17, 2015
So apparently there’s a bodybuilding trend that I’ve missed out on in my time away from bodybuilding forums: Breast milk! Of course. I don’t know what kind of pseudoscience is behind this fad, but it probably has something to do with this hilarious joke (thanks, Reddit) regarding how quickly infants grow while drinking breast milk. More »

Taylor Swift And Karlie Kloss Are Best Friends Forever And Won’t Let You Forget It

By: Megan Reynolds / February 17, 2015
Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss, BFFs of just one year, are on the cover of the March issue of Vogue. The cover story, which details the many friendships of Taylor Swift, is a horrifying study in what happens when you treat friendship like the ultimate game of Pokemon. There's a lot that's bothersome here, starting with Swift's Polaroid… More »

Drop Everything & Watch Beyonce Sing Stevie Wonder Hits

By: Claire Hannum / February 17, 2015
Last night, CBS aired a star-studded tribute to Stevie Wonder. "Songs in the Key of Life—An All-Star Grammy Salute" featured a host of celebs, and in this number, Queen Bey is accompanied by Ed Sheeran and Gary Clark Jr. I'm of the unpopular opinion that parts of this clip (ahem, "Fingertips") don't pack as much power as they… More »

That Bomb-Ass Dancer From The Missy Elliot Videos Has Still Got It

By: Megan Reynolds / February 14, 2015
Here's the little girl from the Missy Elliot videos all grown up and still puttin' in work on the dance floor. Reminisce on how eerily talented Alyson Stoner was here, and then check out her moves, which are still fly as hell, above. [h/t Jezebel]… More »

Here, Have Some Valentine’s Schadenfreude

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / February 13, 2015
If you’re not a person who loves Valentine’s Day, I have a present for yooooooou! Fail Army has compiled couple-related fails just in time for you to laugh your ass off at coupled people this Valentine’s Day. My favorite clip is the kids with the flowers. I know that feeling well. You’ll see. This compilatio… More »

It’s Time To Cry: Dog Escapes From Home To Comfort Owner In The Hospital

By: Claire Hannum / February 13, 2015
Nancy Franck of Cedar Rapdis, Iowa, has spent the last few weeks in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery, with her miniature schnauzer Sissy left in the care of Franck's husband, Dale. This Sunday, Sissy apparently decided she'd had enough of that, and escaped her backyard to find Nancy. In a scene straight out of "Homeward Bound," Sissy ran the… More »

Taylor Swift’s “Style” Video Is Here

By: Claire Hannum / February 13, 2015
Taylor Swift's "Style" music video has arrived and it's chock full of "poetic" broken glass, red lips, and a hot dude -- everything you've come to expect from a Taylor video. I'm not sure how to feel about it. Thoughts? [Cosmopolitan]… More »

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Gay Marriage Is Inevitable

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / February 12, 2015
Ruth Bader Ginsburg told Bloomberg that gay marriage is inevitable. (RawStory) And speak of the devil, check out this woman’s awesome Ruth Bader Ginsburg tattoo. (CNN) A high school teacher talks about how to effectively teach dead white male authors to students who are tired of studying dead white male authors. (The Atlantic) #TurnUp4TransPeople protest… More »

Would Kanye Respect This Beckyoncé Mashup As True Artistry?

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / February 12, 2015
Some clever baby genius going by the name Beckyoncé Knowles-Hansen has posted this kind of amazing mashup of Bey's "Single Ladies" with Beck's "Loser" on Soundcloud. Called "Single Lose (Put A Beck On It)," the two tracks actually go together quite well, with Beck giving Bey some slacker edge while she adds a little hip-popping… More »

This Is The Best Episode Of “Dr. Phil” You’ve Ever Seen

By: Claire Hannum / February 12, 2015
Even the "best" episode of a show like "Dr. Phil" would be setting the bar pretty low, but this clip removes the shrill, nightmare-y quality by presenting us with nothing but reaction shots. No dialogue. In the words of the YouTuber who posted it, "They say it best when they say nothing at all."… More »

Jessica Williams Gets My Vote For Next Daily Show Host

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / February 12, 2015
The sequel to [one of my guilty pleasure comedies] "Hot Tub Time Machine" called it, Newsweek is demanding it, and frankly, it’s just common sense: Jessica Williams should host "The Daily Show" when Jon Stewart leaves. I mean, hell, watch how natural she looks in the "Hot Tub Time Machine 2" clip above, and the… More »

Jessie Ware’s Latest Video Makes No Sense, But That’s Okay

By: Megan Reynolds / February 12, 2015
Long-necks, wooden legs, Avatar braids. More »

These “Send Me Your Sexts” Videos Make Me Viscerally Uncomfortable, And That’s Kind Of The Point

By: Claire Hannum / February 12, 2015
Looking for a particularly awkward Valentine's Day gift? Filmmaker Eileen Yaghoobian will turn your real-life sext exchanges into short films for $80. At, you can upload screenshots of your steamiest (or silliest) sexts with a payment and receive a 1-6 minute film a few weeks later. She'll come up with the cast and storyline… More »

Watch Elizabeth Warren Bust Rand Paul’s Balls While Asking About Vaccines

By: Robyn Pennacchia / February 11, 2015
Certified bad ass Elizabeth Warren took some time out of a Senate hearing today to have a lovely chat with Anne Schuchat, the CDC’s director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases about the basic facts of vaccines. Warren asked her a series of questions--including, delightfully, whether or not vaccines cause "profound mental disorders"… More »

Here’s The Trailer For Amy Schumer’s “Trainwreck”

By: Megan Reynolds / February 11, 2015
"Monogamy is not realistic."… More »

Who’s Your Favorite Batman In Cinema?

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / February 11, 2015
Ben Affleck as Batman really doesn’t sound appealing, I know. But with "Batman vs. Superman" in post-production and guaranteed for release next year, it seems like a really good time to reflect on the Ghosts of Batmen Past, doesn’t it? Editor Jacob Swinney put together this compendium of Batman in Cinema, from Lewis Wilson o… More »

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