Ben Carson: Being Gay Is A Choice Because Prison Sex

By: Robyn Pennacchia / March 4, 2015
Dr. Ben Carson, considered by many to be a strong contender for the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination, has a history of especially colorful opinions about gay people. Previously, he has compared LGBT citizens to pedophiles and bestiality enthusiasts and stated that churches that are fine with gay people are basically sticking their finger in god'… More »

Taylor Swift Hones New Paparazzi Avoidance Technique, Looks Insane Doing So

By: Megan Reynolds / March 4, 2015
What. The. Hell. More »

Lammily, The Average Size Barbie Doll, Does Spring Break Right

By: Megan Reynolds / March 4, 2015
Spraaaaaang break, forever. More »

Here Is A Baby With Questionable Taste Being Soothed By Taylor Swift

By: Megan Reynolds / March 3, 2015
Let the dulcet tones of T-Swi soothe your fussy babe. More »

Jimmy Kimmel Takes On Anti-Vaxxers (Again) With “Child’s Right To Choose” Video

By: Robyn Pennacchia / March 3, 2015
Last week, Jimmy Kimmel presented a PSA-style video featuring a bunch of doctors delivering a heartfelt, expletive-filled message to parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids. It was pretty magical and immensely satisfying. The anti-vax movement was NOT HAPPY about this, and sent Kimmel a ton of angry messages to let him know how they… More »

“Orphan Black” Season 3 Looks Absolutely Bonkers

By: Megan Reynolds / March 2, 2015

Carly Rae Jepsen’s New Single Is Decidedly Uncomplicated

By: Claire Hannum / March 2, 2015
Carly Rae Jepsen's new song, "I Really Like You," has a chorus that proclaims -- in case the title hadn't made it clear enough -- "I really really really really really really like you." Profound. Nothing wrong with getting straight to the point! The only problem is that it is painfully reminiscent of the "Song That Get… More »

Be Brave, Ladies, For “SNL” Told Us So

By: Megan Reynolds / March 2, 2015
Eat that cookie. More »

Watch This Series On The Reality Of Gay Conversion Therapy

By: Rebecca Vipond Brink / February 27, 2015
VICE has finished up its three-part series on gay conversion therapy. [VICE] Erskine College in South Carolina has issued a statement that it is officially anti-gay, after two volleyball players came out at the college. [RawStory] The U.S. Department of Education has found the New York Public Schools in violation of Title IX… More »

When You Pour Milk Into Coca Cola, Something Crazy Happens, Because Science Is Magic

By: Megan Reynolds / February 27, 2015
Nope. No, thanks. Nah. I'll pass.&am… More »

Watch Meryl Streep’s Cut Original Song From “Into The Woods”

By: Claire Hannum / February 27, 2015
An original song was written for Meryl Streep to sing in the film adaptation of "Into the Woods" about her love-hate feelings toward Rapunzel, but it was cut before the film reached its final version. In this clip, director Rob Marshall explains why the song was ditched - a move that Stephen Sondheim, James Lapine and Meryl all… More »

The Wankband Is Sort Of Like A Fitbit For Your Dick

By: Megan Reynolds / February 27, 2015
Charge your phone while discharging your lame boyfriend's penis. More »

Conservative “Street Artist” Gives CPAC’s Most Cringey Speech So Far

By: Robyn Pennacchia / February 27, 2015
There's always been a little bit of coolness envy coming from the Right, and it's understandable. "Young Republican" has been synonymous with "giant dork" and "square" since forever. There's no question that our music is better (Sorry, Pat Boone!) and that we tend to have a lot more artists in general. Better musicians, better comics,… More »

Here’s A Live Feed of Llamas On the Lam

By: Megan Reynolds / February 26, 2015

Blue Balls Are Real, But They Don’t Hurt That Bad, Says Science

By: Megan Reynolds / February 26, 2015
Dudes, it could be worse. More »

Kanye Brings Fire To The Brit Awards, Debuts New Song

By: Megan Reynolds / February 26, 2015
Welcome back, 'Ye. More »

The Daily Squee: Sophie The Cat Tries To Catch Snow

By: Claire Hannum / February 26, 2015
I will never tire of watching cats explore snow for the first time. I mean, look at the wonder in their eyes! Look at their utter fascination/potential love for a substance I've come to hate so deeply! That i… More »

Erykah Badu Is A Local TV News Magnet

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / February 25, 2015
Still-totally-awesome R&B songstress Erykah Badu made her second appearance on a local TV news broadcast today, interviewed by CBS-DFW 11 in Dallas about being one of the many passengers stranded at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport as planes were grounded because of an incoming storm. After the newscaster's introduction, the camera pans to show the back… More »

What Happens If You Attempt To Vape Semen?

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / February 25, 2015
Today in Things Florida Bros Do For Fun, Apparently, we have a guy from the great sunshine state purporting to vape his friend's semen -- and all it took to get him to inhale was $68 measly dollars. Video evidence of this alleged vaguely homoerotic feat -- I say alleged because we don't actually have… More »

Kelly Osbourne Might Leave “Fashion Police” Because Giuliana Rancic Is A Jerk

By: Megan Reynolds / February 25, 2015
Kelly Osbourne didn't do her dirty. More »

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