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An Ode To Mermaid Girl: TLC Airs The Final Chapter

“Some people are the same and some people are different,” said Shiloh Pepin, aka Mermaid Girl, who was different, alright. She said a lot of profound things for a little girl with a flipper. I have been following Shiloh’s story for the last two years as a series of TLC documentaries captured her swimming ahead in spite of the many challenges she faced as one of three known people living with Mermaid Syndrome. I think the moment I fell in love with her was when she was being fitted for a custom wet suit and she turned to a woman in the shop and shouted jubilantly, “I’m a mermaid!” “Yes!” I thought. I’m a mermaid, too! Just without a flipper. I am awkward, unsure, and fumbling through life—we all are. But Shiloh was able to embrace … no, own, her challenges in a way that I am envious of. For that, the little mermaid will always in inspire me. Keep reading »

NeNe And Kim To Be Ixnayed From “The Real Housewives”?

Some very disturbing reality TV news reached my ears this weekend, and for the first time in a month, it has nothing to do with “Jersey Shore.” According to the New York Daily News and People, NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak are very close to getting pink-slipped from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Supposedly, the two are making through-the-roof payment demands to participate in season three of the show, not to mention that their constant feuding has gotten on producers’ nerves. “Bravo has been taking meetings with some notable and wealthy Atlanta women about possibly joining the show,” says a source from the show. “They’re trying their best to keep the process under wraps, but they’re gearing up to make a major move in the third season.” One of the woman who was on the producers’ original wish list—Tameka Foster, the soon-to-be-ex Mrs. Usher. Keep reading »

Jake Gyllenhaal Learns How To Separate, Looks Hot At The Same Time

OK, um, hello? Is it just me, or is this hawt? I mean, I had no idea that an octopus puppet on Jake Gyllenhaal‘s head could be so titillating. Something about the spread legs, and the on-top-of-Jake’s-head position, and the obsessing over the word “separate.” I feel like it’s all some kind of primal dialogue to which I am only partially privy. Where was Jake when I was watching “Sesame Street”? Probably not born yet. Sigh. Keep reading »

MTV Pulls The Plug On Violent “Jersey Shore” Scene

This week’s episode of “Jersey Shore” was supposed to be the one where viewers would see Snooki get sucker-punched by a drunken bar-goer, but after a sneak peek of the punch quickly garnered controversy and went viral as a gif, MTV has decided to pull the plug on airing the scene, calling it “disturbing.” Duh, of course it is, and so was the almost celebratory sharing of the gif, which the internet seemed to find hysterical. The network released this statement:

“What happened to Snooki was a crime and obviously extremely disturbing. After hearing from our viewers, further consulting with experts on the issue of violence, and seeing how the video footage has been taken out of context not to show the severity of this act or resulting consequences, MTV has decided not to air Snooki being physically punched in the face.”

Wait, wait. MTV took the video footage out of context to use as super-OMG-exciting teaser footage, is mad that viewers weren’t able to put it in context on their own, and now the network is going to pretend like the fight never happened? MTV needs to show the fight in context and not let what happened to Snooki be reduced to an internet meme, especially if it truly wants to make some sort of statement against violence. MTV suddenly getting skittish and pretending it has morals is a little too late, at this point — the episode should air as it was originally intended, in my opinion. [E! Online] Keep reading »

The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For December 12-13th 2009


  • “Bring it On: All or Nothing” on Style at 9:00 a.m.
  • “Ghost Adventures” on Travel at 10:00 a.m.
  • “The Day the Earth Stood Still” on HBO at 11:00 a.m.

Keep reading »

ABC’S “Conveyor Belt Of Love” Turns Dating Into A Manly Meat Market

You know how when you walk into a bar around closing time, when everyone’s trying to decide who tonight’s one-night-stand is gonna be, you feel like a piece of meat being sized up for dinner? Well, I guess ABC does, because they’re planning this amazingly questionable show called “Conveyor Belt of Love.” The concept is this: five women watch 30 men go by on a conveyor belt and have to decide whether they’re “interested” or “not interested.” It gets better; after they have picked a guy, if a guy they like more comes along, they can upgrade! And if two women like the same guy, then he gets to pick one of them. Afterward, we get to witness their dates. Right now this show is just slated to be a special, premiering on Jan. 4, after the season premiere of “The Bachelor.” But with this kind of buzz and potential for offensiveness, I’m thinking it just might have some staying power? It’s kind of like “America’s Got Talent,” but more encouraging of the objectification of men. What’s not to like about that? [TV Over Mind] Keep reading »

Who’s The Guy Who Punched Snooki?

Next week’s episode of “Jersey Shore” looks like it’s going to be pretty brutal—while out partying at a Seaside Heights bar, the lovely (??) Snooki takes a right hook to the face that sends her flying off her stool. Apparently, some drunk jerk had taken her drink and had been harassing her roommates, so she confronted him about it. The guy was apparently super intoxicated—bouncers had already told him to watch it—and he let his fist do the talking. So who is this guy who punched Snooki? Apparently his name is Brad Ferro and he’s a 23-year-old … (wait for it) … high school teacher. Keep reading »

Liveblogging “Jersey Shore”!

Check back to this post starting at 10 pm EST — I’ll be liveblogging the second episode of “Jersey Shore,” the greatest, trashiest show since I don’t know what. In tonight’s episode, my beloved Snooki gets sucker punched, Ronnie catches Sammy givin’ her digits to another guido, and, like, Jager shots are done. Keep reading »

Snooki Gets Sucker-Punched On Tonight’s “Jersey Shore”

MTV’s latest and by-far-the-greatest, “Jersey Shore,” has seriously ruffled some tail feathers. In addition to the death threats MTV staffers have been getting, advertisers like Domino’s are threatening to pull their commercials from the show. Well, tonight’s episode—which Amelia will be liveblogging, natch—sure isn’t going to help the situation. (Ha, that’s funny ’cause one of the characters on the show goes by the guido nickname “The Situation.” Anyhoo …) Tonight, a group of drunk guys keep bothering the show’s women. When our dear Snooki tells them to go away, one of the guys punches her in the face so hard she gets bruised and has serious swelling. Because of the violent content of the episode, MTV is airing a PSA afterward that says, “Violence against women in any form is a crime.” Still, some are saying that they shouldn’t air the footage at all. Snooki doesn’t feel that way, though. “It should be out there. Everyone should know that it can happen,” she said. “But also, a positive came out of it. It brought [the cast] closer together.” Commence countdown to the start of the show. [NY Daily News] Keep reading »

Bobby Bottleservice Wants On “Jersey Shore”

In this Funny or Die parody, comedian Nick Kroll’s alter-ego “Bobby Bottleservice” auditions for MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” In his audition video, he says he plans on using his winnings from the show (he’s under the impression it’s a competition with prize money) to buy a gold jet ski, as well as calf implants. Oh, and for those who are worried he might be a misogynist like Mike “The Situation” and Pauly D, no worries. “I say breasts because I love women and I don’t call them cans or big fat titties because I love my mother and I respect women.” Can the show get a ninth roomie please? [Funny Or Die] Keep reading »

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