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James Franco & Seth Rogen Are Going To Be On “Naked And Afraid”

James Franco & Seth Rogen Are Going To Be On "Naked And Afraid"
"You're supposed to be a hot Australian survivalist!"

I can think of no one I would rather exile to an island with not even the clothes on his back than James Franco — so I will obviously be watching him and Seth Rogen on an upcoming episode of “Naked and Afraid.” Each episode of the Discovery channel show features two people forced to fend for themselves, without clothes, on an island for an extended, albeit it relatively brief, period of time. I imagine that Franco and Rogen were getting blazed one night, binging on episodes, when they had the brilliant idea to sign up for show themselves. “Dude.” “Duuuuuuude.” “Let’s do it, dude.” “Dude. Totally.” “You’re in, dude?” “Dude, I am so in.” Etc. Etc. This morning on “Good Morning America,” we got to see a short preview of the episode (skip ahead to 1:30), which looks like it’ll be pretty great, especially if one of them thought to hide an ounce of weed on his, uh, person before stripping down. Naked, afraid … and totally fucking high. Now that would be a very special episode. [The Hollywood Reporter]

“Broad City” Is Baaaaack, Baby

"Broad City" Is Baaaaack, Baby
Abbi & Ilana, We've Missed You!
Fave Female Comedy Duos
6 Hysterical Female Comedy Duos You Need To Get Into Right Now
From "Broad City" to Ronna and Beverly, these ladies crack us up! Read More »

Thank god. Comedy Central’s sleeper hit, “Broad City,” is poised to return for a second season on January 14, and we are so excited. And BFFs Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, the show’s stars and its primary writers, have got us all pumped with this trailer. Let’s see, there’s twerking, “white power suits,” a nod to “Pretty Woman,” Seth Rogan yelling at a kitten, lotsa crotch references, “titty chips,” big ol’ bong loads, and drama at Ilana’s grandmother’s Shiva. So, you know, more of the usual hilarity. Can’t wait!

Watch Nick Jonas Bang On Screen In DirectTV’s “Kingdom” (NSFW)

Watch Nick Jonas Bang On Screen In DirectTV's "Kingdom"

Hallelujah! I just signed up for DirectTV a week ago and this morning I learn that the satellite TV provider has a new show called “Kingdom” starring a bunch of hot, ripped dudes playing MMA fighters, including all-growns-up Nick Jonas. And apparently, Nick does some seriously all-growns-up acting in the show, if this little Vine clip after the jump, featuring Nick banging the hell out of some woman, is to be believed. JoBroOFace after the jump! Now, excuse me while I go set up my DVR to record… [via Jezebel] Keep reading »

The “Girls” Season 4 Trailer Has Arrived!

The "Girls" Season 4 Trailer Has Arrived!
Hannah Is In Iowa, Remember?

Controversy or not, Lena Dunham’s not going anywhere except back to the small screen for season four of “Girls.” And today we have the first trailer, which shows Hannah back in Iowa as a grad school student. I had totally forgotten that happened at the end of season three, though I don’t expect the show will keep Hannah away from New York City, her friends and, of course, boyfriend Adam for very long. Meanwhile, it looks like Shosh is dealing with the stress of finding her first post-college job, Marnie is still pining away for that sexy musician with the girlfriend and, uh, then there’s Jessa, getting arrested for god knows what. “Girls”‘ fourth season premieres on January 11 on HBO.

New “Bachelor” Promo Is Both Weird And Kinda Creepy

New "Bachelor" Promo Is Both Weird And Kinda Creepy
Jeepers Creepers 3: By "Creepers" We Mean Ladies
  • This new “Bachelor” promo — featuring Hot Boring Farmer Chris — is seriously weird and creepy. Cornstalks! Whispering! In women’s voices! WHY? Was this directed by M. Night Shyamalan?
  • Oh thank god, Chad Kroeger says that rumors that he and Avril Lavigne have split are not true. Chavril LIVES. [People]
  • Hair company Redken has hired transgender model Lea T as a spokesmodel. Rad! [People]
  • Hitman charges against AC/DC’s Phil Rudd have been dropped. [Us Weekly] Keep reading »

Every Awkward Outfit From Season 1 Of “Gilmore Girls,” From Puffy Vests To Chokers

Every Awkward Outfit From Season 1 Of Gilmore Girls, From Puffy Vests To Chokers

It seems like everyone with a Netflix account and a pair of ovaries (and many people with neither) are rewatching “Gilmore Girls” this month, and I haven’t felt this much Stars Hollow togetherness since 2007! I’ve been in love with this show for years, and I’ll take any excuse to binge watch it. I just made it through the first season, and I’ve noticed a few things: 1) Most of the main characters were developed from the very beginning! 2) Luke and Lorelai need to get it together already, and 3) WTF were they wearing? Read more on The Gloss…

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