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Remote Control: What You’ll Want To Watch This Week March 1st 2010.

The Olympics are dunzo, which means … back to your regularly scheduled programs! This week is a big one. We don’t even have to tell you to watch the season finale of “The Bachelor” tonight, to see if Jake goes for mean girl Vienna or snooze-fest Tenley. We also probably don’t have to mention that the Oscars are Sunday night, and there are many more reasons to watch than just to see which star makes the biggest fashion faux-pas. This week, there are also the season premieres of “Southland” and “The Real Housewives of New York City,” plus the finales of “Big Love” and “Nip/Tuck.” After the jump, more previews than you can shake a stick at. Whatever that means.
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“The Marriage Ref” Is Going To Be Awesome, Laugh-Out-Loud TV

We weren’t too sure Jerry Seinfeld would strike gold with “The Marriage Ref” when we heard about it earlier this year. But after watching a couple of previews, we’re sure this reality show will have us taking sides and laughing hysterically at how ridiculous people can be. Will you support the wife or the husband when “The Marriage Ref” premieres Thursday, March 4, on NBC? Not convinced this is must-see TV, yet? Well, check out this clip of a wife and husband arguing about installing a stripper, er, “exercise” pole. Keep reading »

“Bachelors” And “Bachelorettes”: Where Are They Now?

Over the weekend, Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney tied the knot—we’ll see it unfold on television on March 8—becoming the first “Bachelor” couple to actually make it down the aisle, news that we can only applaud since Melissa Rycroft recently got hitched as well. And tonight, Jake Pavleka will make his final decision and propose to either nudey-pic Vienna or Disney Princess Tenley. Rumor has it that Vienna will be his final choice, though meanwhile the whole world is expressing a strong preference for Tenley. But before Jake flies off into the sunset with either of these ladies, we thought we’d take a look back and catch you up on where some of the “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” contestants past have ended up.
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“Jersey Shore,” Russian-Style?

We knew it was only a matter of time before some production company had the idea to take the “Jersey Shore” and apply it to (fill in the blank here) nationality. So we weren’t surprised to hear about “Brighton Beach,” a show where a group of hot Russian 20-somethings will live in a beach house in a Brooklyn neighborhood that’s been dubbed “Little Odessa.” “The Russian community has its own set of characters which we think could be even more interesting,” said show co-creator Elina Miller. “There will be plenty of vodka, techno music and guys wearing Adidas pants, leather jackets and gold chains, and driving souped-up cars. There will also be a lot of hot, decked-out Russian girls. … But we would never want to portray this insular community in a way that isn’t positive. We’re used to everyone asking if we’re in the mafia and if we drink vodka and get chased by bears.”

Miller put up a casting site for the show last week, and says she has already received hundreds of hopefuls, some of them conveniently with nicknames like “The Entity,” “B-Boy” and “Mr. OTB,” an abbreviation for “Off The Boat.” Miller’s dream cast mate? “It would be really funny if we got a Russian mail-order bride,” she said. So funny. What do you think? Will you be DVRing this show? [NY Post]
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Dating Tips (That Really Work!) From The Women Of “The Bachelor”

“The Bachelor…On the Wings of Love…The Women Tell All” is a very long title, and it was a very long show. We saw, in two hours, how past contestants get drunk on Bachelor “reunion cruises,” how they give back to charity, and—as host Chris Harrison kept saying—how exactly the “biggest TV scandal of 2010″ went down, i.e., how contestant Rozlyn Papa got busy with a nameless producer (we’re talking making out, probably with tongue) before both were kicked off the show.

So, yes, the women told all, Rozlyn denied everything, and who knows how many production assistants burnt their fingers lighting a hundred, or a thousand tea lights. Much to our surprise, however, the show yielded some heartfelt, real-world dating tips that could help all of us find love. Read more Keep reading »

The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For February 27-28th 2010


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Amazing Show Alert: “Seducing Cindy”

I’ve never so much as heard of the show “Seducing Cindy” on Fox Reality channel, but turns out that I should have been fastidiously watching it for the past month. The concept is familiar: Playmate and internet “sensation” Cindy Margolis is single and looking to mingle, so will choose from a field of 24 guys, ranging in age from 18 to their 71, who go through stuntastic ordeals to show her that they’re “here for you.” On this week’s episode, Cindy pulls a pretty nasty/hilarious trick on the final six suitors on the show. The guys see her get into an SUV and drive away—just as the car crashes and flips. She isn’t in it, of course—it’s driven by a stunt driver. The guys run toward the site of the accident, where a fake-blood covered Cindy is taken by emergency crew into an ambulance. Then the piece de la resistance—the show’s host tells the guys that Cindy is seriously injured and will need blood … and a new kidney. One of the guys evidently volunteers his kidney, at which point he is carted off to an ambulance. Inside, he finds Cindy totally fine and wearing a sexy nurse’s outfit. The perfect way to say, “Just joshin’ ya.” Cindy thought the stunt was over the top, but thoroughly enjoyed it. “It was cruel, it was mean,” Cindy told Radar. “It was so heart wrenching. We put them on an emotional roller coaster. One guy got so upset that he physically assaulted a camera guy.” She says, in the end though, she did find the man of her dreams on the show. Oh, and she also boned a total of three of the contestants. Yeah, I’ll totally start DVRing this one—it’s on Saturdays at 9 p.m. (EST). [RadarOnline.com]
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Jessica Simpson Surprised To Find That “Fat” Women Are Considered Attractive Elsewhere

Jessica Simpson makes her long-awaited return to TV on March 14 when “The Price of Beauty” debuts on VH1. On the show, Jessica explores the question: What makes women in different countries feel beautiful? This is the same program with the theme song written by Jessica’s maybe-boyfriend Billy Corgan, that required $25,000 worth of hair and makeup for Jessica per episode, and had her storming down the runway at the Olzem Suer fashion show in Paris.

Do you think it’ll open people’s eyes and change our perspectives about beauty — or will it simply be another chance to watch Jessica acting silly on television? [via NY Post] Keep reading »

5 Reasons We’re Excited for “First Love, Second Chance”

A first love is a pretty freaking powerful thing. It serves as the opening chapter to the epic novel that is your love life. While most first loves aren’t meant to be forever, they usually leave behind some lingering and pesky “what ifs?” What if I should’ve stuck it out? What if that was the best sex I’ll ever have? What if he became rich and successful? What if he was the one? A new TV Land show, “First Love, Second Chance,” will be answering those questions for a few former couples. Each episode of the show, which will premiere March 10, reunites a single person with their also conveniently single first love, to see if they want to try again. The couple spends two weeks living together—one week at her place and one at his—after which they must tell the other if they are worth a second chance. It’s kind of like “Grease,” except with Dannys and Sandys who can’t sing. To us this sounds like a recipe for drama—in a good way. Here are the five reasons we’ll be watching “First Love, Second Chance.” Keep reading »

Do The Women On “American Idol” Really Have A Chance This Season?

I was so pumped to see the top 12 ladies perform last night on “American Idol,” especially since every other sentence out of the judges’ mouths during Hollywood week was, “The girls are the best ever this year!” After the teasers I saw, I was thinking they were right, that I’d have to hitch a plane to L.A. and stalk the Kodak Theatre. But last night was stank city! Even the girls that I was fantasizing about being great sucked. And the judges seemed like they were going easy on them in a first grade teacher to the slow student kind of way. But I don’t want to watch “American Idol: No Singer Left Behind.” Cut those awful bitches! Was it just opening night jitters, or do the girls this season really blow (in a bad way, not in a Randy Jackson slang kind of way)? I’m hoping for something better … like much better from the guys or else I may be watching this season just for Ellen’s jokes. After the jump, some of the girls I thought I’d be excited about and my review of their performance last night. Keep reading »

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