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“Glee,” Hit Us One More Time: With A Britney Spears Episode

This week’s Madonna episode of “Glee” was one of my favorite hours of television so far this year. And it secretly has me hoping that the makers of the show will continue down the theme episode path. So, I am very much behind the campaign for a Britney Spears episode of the show. Brit-Brit’s manager, Adam Leber, posted on Twitter yesterday asking her close to 5 million followers to make #BritneySpearsGLEE a trending topic. So far, lots of folks have—let’s just hope that “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy and his clan run with the idea. How cool would it be to see Finn sing “Oops, I Did It Again” or Mercedes and Rachel bust out with “Toxic”? And heck, since Britney has done cameos on shows like “How I Met Your Mother” and (ugh) “Sabrina The Teenage Witch” maybe she’d actually put in an appearance. She could be Sue Sylvester’s much younger, more bubbly sister! Or a new Cheerio! [Just Jared] Keep reading »

Ricky Gervais’ New Show Will Make Him Look Very Tall

There is no doubting that Ricky Gervais is hysterical. But his new show sounds a little … little. Called “Life is Short,” the new comedy follows Warwick Davis, who is 3″6′ and the most famous little person in the U.K. You’ve seen him, too. Remember “Willow”? Yep, that’s him. The show chronicles the trials and tribulations of being a little actor. “It’s about his life, the life of a showbiz dwarf,” says Gervais. “He plays himself, I play myself, it’s sort of like ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’ We’re having so much fun working with Warwick. Pound for pound he is one of the funniest men I know.”

So what do you think—will you be watching? Or will you wait for the inevitable American version? [NY Mag] Keep reading »

Is A “Jersey Shore” Cast Coup In The Works?

The cast of “Jersey Shore” has barely gotten in a round of GTL as they film season two in Miami, and already rumors are swirling that MTV isn’t pleased with all their guidos and guidettes. An inside source tells the NY Post, “Pauly D already has a contract for season three and Snooki and The Situation will stay. The others could be replaced with even more outrageous characters.” Meaning that Ronnie, Sammi, J-Woww, Angelina, and Vinny could get the heave-ho. Keep reading »

Whee! Gabourey Sidibe Is Hosting “SNL” This Weekend!

Judging by these promos, Gabourey Sidibe‘s hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live” is going to involve a lot of guns and Andy Samberg with his pants off. (But hopefully not so much high-pitched screaming.) But you know what this means, guys? There’ll actually be a black woman on “SNL” — not just Kenan Thompson in lipstick and a wig. Keep reading »

Did Snooki’s (Now Ex) Boyfriend Use Her To Get Famous?

When Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal broke up, it was sad. Ditto for when Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes split. But now there is a celebrity breakup that can only be described as … TRAGIC. Snooki has broken up with her boyfriend of two months, trainer Emilo Masella. So what happened to the self-professed “sexiest couple”? Apparently, Snooki did not like that Emilio was trying to get cast on the next season of “The Real World.” A friend tells the Post, “Snooki realized he was just after fame all along.” And another blabbed to Radar, “She is beyond furious at him, and she now believes that he was just using, and now abusing, her so he would get famous. She found out that he was writing messages to girls on Facebook at like 3am and asking them out to try and hook up.”

So what does Emilio have to say to these allegations? Keep reading »

10 Predictions For Tonight’s Madonna-Themed “Glee”

Even though Madge said she’s not a fan of “Glee,” she’s changed her tune after an advanced screening of tonight’s episode, an homage to the Material Girl, calling it “brilliant on every level.” I hope she plans on sending them a case of Kabbalah water to make up for her impropriety. So what should we expect tonight? Well, we already know about Jane Lynch’s amazing “Vogue” remake. But ever since the song list was leaked, my mind has been abuzz with other possibilities for the wall-to-wall Madonna episode. After the jump, tonight’s soundtrack and our predictions for the plot lines that accompany them. [Fox] Keep reading »

Michelle McGee And Jamie Jungers To Team Up For “Celebrity Cheaters”

The show “Cheaters,” which, amazingly, is in its 10th season, is pretty nasty. It airs on The CW Plus and G4TV so perhaps you haven’t seen it—but the basic concept is that a spouse who believes their significant other is doing the horizontal polka with someone else asks for help catching their partner with their pants down. The Cheaters Detective Agency investigates, gathers proof, and while the spouse is physically with whomever they are cheating with, they give the episode’s complainant the chance to confront them. It’s basically like an episode of “Jerry Springer,” in real time.

Well, this show is about to take the nastiness to a whole ‘nother level. Keep reading »

Kate Gosselin Does The Swim On “Dancing With The Stars”

Sorry folks, but I am officially obsessed with watching Kate Gosselin‘s sad “Dancing with the Stars” routines. Last night, she and partner Tony fox trotted to “Don’t You Forget About Me” from “The Breakfast Club.” And it was … well, let’s just say that a blow-up doll would have brought more energy to it. I kind of love Carrie Ann’s comment that the dance was like “the Charlie Brown teacher’s. It’s like wah wah wah wah wah.” Please let her get voted off soon. For her own sake. Keep reading »

Remote Control: What You’ll Want To Watch The Week of April 19th 2010

It’s really beautiful outside, yet this doesn’t make me want to leave the house to frolic in the sun. I think it’s because I’m depressed and it just seems like nature is laughing at me. Fortunately, my best friend, TV, is here to cheer me up. This week, there are the premieres of “Romantically Challenged” and “Party Down,” the finales of “Damages” and “Project Runway,” a live reunion special for “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” and the Madonna “Glee” episode. Suck it, sun. Keep reading »

The Boob Tube: Hot Weekend TV For April 17-18th 2010


Keep reading »

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