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The Daily Squee: Five Baby Capabaras Going For A Walk

It’s not too often I want to give a rodent a big kiss on the face, but now I want to give FIVE rodents big ol’ smacks on the lips. These newborn capybara pups are the newest editions to Zoo Berlin, courtesy of their mommy, Lucia. According to ZooBorns, a blog of all things cute and cuddly, baby capybaras graze for grass with their mommies beginning about a week after birth. What’s not to squee about? [ZooBorns] [Image via ZooBorns]

Quick Pic: Daddy, I Want A Snow Leopard Cub Now!

Two new snow leopard cubs were born at the Toronto Zoo on July 2. So fuzzy!

[Pic courtesy of ZooBorns.com, the #1 site for cute baby animal pictures] Keep reading »

Holidays Got You Down? Look At Photos Of Baby Animals

Sure, it’s supposed to be “…the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” but not everyone is at their best right now. Maybe you’re sad about Taylor Lautner not playing Jacob Black in “New Moon,” being single over the holidays, or receiving a sucky gift. Well, now there’s a website that will help you feel better about the world. ZooBorns is devoted to posting photos and videos of animal babies born in zoos and aquariums. Tiny koala, gorilla, giraffe, and zebra babies will most definitely brighten your mood after you’ve spent five hours shopping at the mall. [ZooBorns] Keep reading »

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