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The 13 Best Things About Dating A Zombie Boyfriend (According To “Warm Bodies”)

Nicholas Hoult Gifs!
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Hottie: Nicholas Hoult
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Nicholas And Jen Are Dunzo
Jennifer Lawrence and her zombie boyfriend are over. Read More »

Earlier this week, Rachel, Jessica and I went to a screening of the new zombie movie “Warm Bodies” (in theaters February 1), and Rachel and I instantly developed uncomfortably real crush feelings for the movie’s star, Nicholas Hoult. (See also: Nicholas Hoult Gifs and Gratuitous Nicholas Hoult Photos post, please, for evidence.) Like, it’s all we’ve been talking about for the last few days and I’m starting to feel legitimately freaked out by how hot I think he is.

But here’s the thing: I’m not sure if we’re crushing on actual Nicholas Hoult or R, the character he plays in “Warm Bodies.” And yes, R is a fricking zombie. But based on R, it seems like zombies would make actually really good boyfriends. Here’s why… Keep reading »

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