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Zoe Saldana Shows Us Her Calvins

Say goodbye to Eva Mendes and hello to Zoe Saldana, who is the newest Calvin Klein underwear model and will also be the face of the Calvin Klein Envy. [E!

Annika Harris | July 10, 2010 - 2:30 pm

Zoe Saldana: The Crotch Shot That Wasn’t

Are you looking, Britney and Paris? Zoe Saldana shows party girls how to exit a car swarmed by the paparazzi and still preserve the dignity of their beautiful lady-flower. Her…

Jessica Wakeman | May 24, 2010 - 2:40 pm

Quotable: Zoe Saldana’s Masculine Side Dominates

“I have too much of [a masculine side]! People have sometimes told my grandmother, ‘Your niece has a bit of lesbianism in her.’ It’s that my sisters and I spent…

Amelia McDonell-Parry | April 5, 2010 - 6:40 pm

Quotable: Zoe Saldana On Casting Directors In Hollywood

“When they say ‘We want to go white,’ they have a very smooth way of saying it, and the recent one is the word traditional. [I’ve heard] ‘Oh, you know,…

Amelia McDonell-Parry | March 23, 2010 - 7:15 pm

Nylon Adds Color To Its April Issue

Earlier this month, Solange Knowles realized Nylon hasn’t put a black woman on its cover in years, but the magazine ends this streak with the April issue, featuring Zoe Saldana.

Catherine Strawn | March 22, 2010 - 2:20 pm

That Chick From “Avatar” Is Now An Avon Lady

Zoe Saldana, 31, is better known for playing a sexy blue alien in “Avatar,” but now she can add Avon lady to her resume. They’ve just announced that she’ll be…

Erin Flaherty | January 12, 2010 - 7:10 pm

Quotable: Sorry, Directors, Zoe Saldana Won’t Play Your Prostitute

“I have a hard time accepting roles that typecast a culture. I don’t need to play Juana, the prostitute from Washington Heights, in every movie. If it’s been done before,…

Jessica Wakeman | January 6, 2010 - 4:10 pm

James Cameron Touts “Avatar”‘s 3-D Boobs

In a new interview with Playboy magazine, “Avatar” director James Cameron discusses how he set about creating the movie’s 3-D body parts. “Right from the beginning,” Cameron reveals of actress…

Susannah Breslin | November 13, 2009 - 2:50 pm
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