DIY Demeulemeester Headwear

The bloggers over at Monoxious have truly outdone themselves with this DIY version of Ann Demeulemeester’s zipper headgear. The project requires some sewing skills, but if you’ve got that down, you’re already halfway there. Check out the instructions and consider this an option next time you’re feeling dramatic. [Monoxious via Fashion Indie] … More »

Zip Lines: Sebastian Errazuriz’s Dress N3

Either this is a great gift to women (no more frustration when there’s no one around to reach your back zipper) or a potentially dangerous torture device (you clearly can’t wear undergarments with this, so be careful not to get certain body areas caught). Check out some more pics of the Dress N3 after the… More »

I Wanna Zip You Up

A model on the runway at Eric Tibusch’s showing in Paris. So, when you zip her up, do her eyes close, too? Ack! [Huffington Post] … More »

Slutty Shorts Take The Zipper Trend Too Far

I love a zipper on my jeans. Way better than button fly. Hell, I’ll even take the odd zipper on a pair of shoes, or even those zipper earrings everyone was loving last year. But zippers on the side of these booty shorts in a style that has been dubbed “Boy Candy”? Well, everyone has… More »