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Random Dude Entered Hanson’s Tour Bus, Spat On Zac Hanson

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evening quickies
  • EW!  Zac Hanson got spat on by some random guy who climbed onto their tour bus in Seattle. The bro got kicked off as soon as he was discovered, but not before he hawked a loogie on Zac.   [People]
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Yeah, I’m Posting Hanson’s New Music Video. What’s It To You?

Instant Messenger, 11:11 a.m., Frisky offices:

Jessica: You’re not going to let me post Hanson’s new video, are you? They’re dancing in the street! Like, old time-y bebop dancing.

Amelia: if you must. i need the posts today. because i am hungover.

Jessica: VICTORY!

Bwahahahahahaha. [MySpace.com/HansonMusic] Keep reading »

Star Couplings: Harrison Ford Pops The Question

  • Did Harrison Ford propose to girlfriend Calista Flockhart? Nice move, Indy. [The London Paper]
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