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You Choose It, We Write It!

It’s time for another round of “You Choose It, We Write It,” in which we pit two ingenious topics from the Content Idea Generator against each other and let readers choose which story they want to see on The Frisky. This week, we’re heading in a slightly nerdier direction — let me know what you…

Amelia McDonell-Parry / March 29, 2013

You Choose It, We Write It!

You voted and the winner of the first You Choose It, We Write It feature was 9 BS “Facts” About Panties Everyone Thinks Are True. Consider the myth that period panties have to be ugly debunked. Thank you for cleaning that up, Jessica.
Now it’s my turn to play with the Content Idea Generator and see…

Ami Angelowicz / March 25, 2013

You Choose It, We Write It!

This week, we learned about a new and fabulous time-suck on the Internet: the Content Idea Generator at  You plug in a word or phrase — say, “farting” — and it autocreates a headline like the kind you’d read on BuzzFeed or BrainPickings.
“The 8 Best Farting Twitter Feeds To Follow!” “15 Ways Farting…

Jessica Wakeman / March 1, 2013