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Haul Vloggers Fight Back!

Have you heard of “haul vloggers”? In a similar style of homemade YouTube makeup tutorials, haul vloggers are generally women who make videos of things they’ve bought on a shopping trip. While not necessarily a new YouTube phenomenon, the trend was recently covered by New York mag’s The Cut, which presented the subject through the example of one particular user, ChanelBlueSatin, saying that haul vloggers “seem to be primarily of one species: the girl who flatirons her hair, wears too-thick eye shimmer up to her eyebrows, drowns in eyeliner, and gets her brows waxed regularly.” ChanelBlueSatin was none too happy when she got wind of this, and retaliated with a very detailed video response. She complains, “The editor made no attempt to get to know me and what I do on YouTube. There was no e-mail, no interview … Everything in that article was based on assumptions and outward appearance. The editor slash all the people who commented in the article know nothing about me.” Keep reading »

Sex On TV: Abstinence And American Idol

One of the contestants who made it through on last night’s episode of American Idol, was this lil’ cutie, Amy Catherine Flynn…”Amy Catherine, AC, whatevs!” Yeah. So, in addition to being a high school student, a member of the dance team, and having an great voice, Flynn also preaches abstinence. She gave her schpiel to the judges and Simon was, like, totally sold. How about you? [You Tube] Keep reading »

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