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How Zen Is Too Zen?

Settling into my new neighborhood in Brooklyn after moving from busy Manhattan last week has been about as easy for me as letting someone massage my feet, or accepting a free upgrade on my flight, or taking those free samples they always have at Trader Joe’s. For one thing, my new ‘hood is full of all the things I love: cute coffee shops, vintage stores, wine bars, dive bars, used bookstores, small yoga studios, ethnic restaurants, mom and pop grocery stores, a diverse population, and friendly neighbors. Oh, and lots of trees! I’m just a few blocks from the park, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, farmer’s markets, and a great museum. I’m even walking distance from Target; could life get any better? In short: my new neighborhood is fantastic and I’ve quickly shed my Manhattan armor for something a bit more zen. But is there such a thing as “too zen”? I learned the answer to that yesterday while checking out a yoga studio in my new neighborhood. Keep reading »

I Dragged My Boyfriend To Partner Yoga (And We’re Still Together!)

I love yoga (along with the other 30 million women who practice in the U.S). And when I realized that I could combine my love for yoga and my love for James, my fiance, into a partner yoga session, I was honestly psyched.

The day of our lesson, I asked James if he was excited? “Excited is not the word I would use,” he answered. I think he wanted to say “tortured” but abstained. Keep reading »

Pimping Out Your Yoga Uniform

There’s a bit of a stereotype against people who do yoga — that we’re all “crunchy” and “green” and “enviro-healthy-gorp-munching-maniacs.” OK, so this may be slightly true, but just because we take an earthy approach to living doesn’t mean everything we wear has to fall into the army green/dirt brown color palette. We’re planning on rocking downward dog Diddy-style next time with this pimp gold yoga bag. Best yet, it’s made of faux leather, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice your eco tendencies for style.

[$63.20 eBags.com]

Doggie Yoga: Pay Good Money To Annoy The Heck Out Of Your Pooch

My dog Lucca does lots of really cute things. She even poops in a cute way — seriously, she looks at me while she’s doing it, like she’s almost ashamed to be in public relieving her bowels. Anyway, one other cute thing she does is dramatic stretching. First she stretches her front legs, then she individually points her back paws and stretches them. Really, she’s doing yoga, or “doga,” and she’s doing it with far more frequency than I am, if I’m being honest. So she’s really a perfect candidate for these ridiculous doga classes being offered around the country, where owners bring their pets to yoga class and they, like, open their chakras together. Doga has been around for awhile, but CBS, in the clip above, found a class in Omaha, Nebraska to spotlight, which just shows that doggie yoga is officially a big ol’ trend. I’m not sure that I would personally get much out of paying for a doga class, fitness-wise, and I suspect Lucca would rather do her doga on her own at home. She’s fiscally conservative. Keep reading »

How Do You Get Motivated To Exercise?

Here’s a fact: Right now, I am the fattest I’ve ever been in my whole life. Period. End of story. I have all the respect in the world for Crystal Renn and every woman who can love her body no matter what size it is, but I am not that woman. (Granted, not being that woman is probably part of the problem, but what-ev-er.) Keep reading »

Christoga: Ex-”Northern Exposure” Star Janine Turner Presents Yoga For Christians

Don’t blame me for the term “Christoga” — I didn’t make it up, Janine Turner did. The former actress — made famous for her role on “Northern Exposure” — has a new path in life and that’s to bring yoga to devout Christians. See, yoga in its inception is rooted in Hindu mythology and many classes have some focus on meditation or chanting. But what to do if you’re a devout Christian who isn’t comfortable standing in tree pose while calling out to Vishnu? Turner’s Christoga — available on DVD! — uses scriptures from the Christian Bible as the meditation focus and has renamed many of yoga’s traditional poses so they have a relation to Christianity. (For example, she refers to Boat Pose as “Holy Rollers.”) Being that the ultimate purpose of practicing yoga — beyond just exercise — is to experience enlightenment, more power to those, I suppose, who really want that enlightenment to obviously reflect their religious beliefs or whatever. But, like, does it really need a new name, especially one that is so dumb? [BlissTree] Keep reading »

Do Yoga And Booze Make A Good Cocktail?

I made a bunch of resolutions for myself for 2010, among them to attend yoga at least three times a week. For a few months last year, I actually made it to class four times a week, but the further we got into the dark season, my winter doldrums set in and I just couldn’t make it to yoga as often as I used to. At a time when I should have been going more often, I pretty much stopped altogether. And it’s only this week that I’ve gotten back on the wagon, in part because my husband has left town on business for six weeks and I need to do something to keep busy while he’s away. Now that I’m back at it, I wonder why I ever stopped. Perhaps, if my studio played pop music and offered dinner and wine after class, like another New York studio has started doing, I never would have left in the first place. But should yoga studios, of all places, be serving alcohol and grub? A new article in The New York Times explores the deeply divided opinions on the subject. Keep reading »

Product Review: Manduka High Performance Yoga Mat

I’m no yoga pro, but I do the best I can, ya’ know? Since I started practicing, I’ve been using a variety of yoga mats. You know, the usual kind, that generic, foamy, I-don’t-know-what-the-brand-is type. But I’m super-tall, and I kept practically falling off my mat every time I did downward dog. I needed a better mat. Keep reading »

Yoga Jeans: What Has The World Come To?

We’ve opposed it, but tights continue to be viewed as pants by many. And, last spring, jeans fused with leggings to become “jeggings.” Now, exercise apparel company Athleta is trying to sell us on their Bettona Pant, “a yoga pant that thinks it’s a jean.” With a faux fly, rivets at the pockets, and contrast stitching, these pants have jean-like details but are made from a stretchy, sweat-wicking, breathable fabric with an antimicrobial finish. Sorry, but we don’t get it. Why can’t tights just be tights, and leggings just be leggings, and jeans just be jeans, and yoga pants just be yoga pants?! Can we stop combining clothes and trying to give them multiple functions? [Athleta] Keep reading »

Don’t Get It Twisted At The Yoga Competition

NYMag.com sent a fearless reporter into the heart of yoga cutthroatism at the seventh annual Yoga Asana Competition in New York City. More than a few of The Frisky ladies are yoga devotees. Speaking for myself, I can’t do anything like what these people are doing here — or, like, I can do it, but not as good as they do it. Either way, I sure can’t put my feet behind my head — that is, not yet. Probably, if I could, I’d get more dates. Anyway, I dig yoga, but Amelia and I agree this looks an awful lot like a bodybuilding competition or a beauty pageant — only more pretzel-ific. [NYMag.com] Keep reading »

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