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Do Yoga And Booze Make A Good Cocktail?

I made a bunch of resolutions for myself for 2010, among them to attend yoga at least three times a week. For a few months last year, I actually made it to class four times a week, but the further we got into the dark season, my winter doldrums set in and I just couldn’t make it to yoga as often as I used to. At a time when I should have been going more often, I pretty much stopped altogether. And it’s only this week that I’ve gotten back on the wagon, in part because my husband has left town on business for six weeks and I need to do something to keep busy while he’s away. Now that I’m back at it, I wonder why I ever stopped. Perhaps, if my studio played pop music and offered dinner and wine after class, like another New York studio has started doing, I never would have left in the first place. But should yoga studios, of all places, be serving alcohol and grub? A new article in The New York Times explores the deeply divided opinions on the subject. Keep reading »

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