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Happy Chinese New Year! Today is officially the start of The Year of the Dragon. I know what you’re all thinking: but what does this Year of the Dragon business have to do with me? (First of all, find out if you were born in the Year of the Dragon here. If you weren’t, find out what your Chinese Zodiac sign is here.) Well, at least that’s what I was thinking. I was born in the Year of the Horse, which means I’m adaptable, intelligent, funny, diplomatic and a total workaholic. Oh, you don’t care? OK fine. Whinny, whinny. Stomp, stomp. (That was the Horse in me throwing a little tantrum.) After the jump, some things you need to know about these Dragon people who will be hogging the astrological spotlight all year long. Ahem, may I just point out that dragons aren’t even real? Keep reading »

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