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My First Year In New York City, As Told By My Amazon Purchase History

This piece was originally published on The Daily Dot.

After 26 years of living in California, I moved to New York City in February 2014. I did not handle it well. Although I was moving for a fun job to a city I’d often fantasized about living in, I still found myself on the corner of First Street and First Avenue in the East Village every single day after work, sobbing on the phone to my mom, begging her to convince my dad it wouldn’t be giving up if I moved back home.

As people often tell you, living in New York City is hard. Gone were the days when I could use my car as a makeshift closet in case the weather dipped. Suddenly, I had to learn about things like “layering” and “the Polar Vortex,” which I was previously convinced were things New Yorkers made up to make their lives sound more difficult than they actually were. And gone were the days when getting groceries was as easy as filling up an SUV with bags from one of the many Targets in a five-mile radius. Now the closest superstores were multiple subway lines away.

So rather than spend my time negotiating how much I could schlep home in one bag on the subway from IKEA, I did what any good online shopping addict would do. I turned to Amazon. Keep reading »

The 8 Best Pizza Stories Of 2012

Perhaps you’ve noticed that since I’ve joined The Frisky, there’s been 2000 percent increase in pizza-related news on the site. Pizza is in my blood and in my belly. It’s the most wonderful, perfect food. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t note all the extraordinary pizza-complishments (pizza accomplishments, natch) that have taken place this year. In past years, we might have rejoiced over the P’Zone or the Pizza Cone, but this year, we’ve got eight incredible pizza stories worth shouting from the (pizza parlor) rooftops about.

Pizza BFF Necklace
Get one for all of your homeslices! Read More »
Pizza Vending Machines
Yes, please. Read More »
Pizza Party Rap
Enjoy these tasty beats. Watch »

10 Trends We Want Gone In 2012

The Best Of 2011!
Our picks for the best of the year in pop culture, style, sex, and more! Read More »

Well, 2011, we’ve had some fun, but it’s time for you to go now. Finish your beer and gather the contents of your purse from the floor where you dumped them — we’re kind of over you. We’ve got a laundry list of things we got really sick of hearing about this year — you’d be surprised by some of our irks. So once you’ve sobered up, 2011, take a nice long look in the mirror — and at our list — and really think about if any of this behavior should really carry on in 2012. Check out our list and add your own in the comments.

The 11 Most Shocking Scandals Of 2011

The Best Of 2011!
Our picks for the best of the year in pop culture, style, sex, and more! Read More »

It was good, it was bad — but it certainly wasn’t boring. From sex scandals to oddball marriages, sham weddings to sexting implosions, 2011 had something for everyone. Read on to see our most shocking celebrity breakdowns, political scandals and most surprising moments of the year. And tell us what you think the biggest scandal of the year was.

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