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Dream Headline: Tanning Mom Appears At A Drag Show

Getting Tanning Mom
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Tanning Mom Hobbies
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Tanning Mom's Back!
Tanning Mom gets the drag treatment

Sometimes everything in the universe just aligns and, in one day, all your dreams come true. Today, the world brought me FORKLIFT FOOT and TANNING MOM AT A DRAG SHOW. I am a lucky, lucky human being. I am very grateful, internet gods. Very grateful.

Behold this video of Tanning Mom Patrcia Krentcil as the guest of honor at Hell’s Kitchen’s XL Hot Mess Drag Review last night. Yes, she is wearing a red, acrylic number that exposes her biscuit. No, she didn’t take her daughter tanning. (She mentions that a number of times.) Yes, she is highly intoxicated on white wine, no red wine, no Pinot Grigio. Just like Ramona Singer. And NO, I don’t think she liked the joke about her, Snooki and Big Ang in a hot tub being called “Gorillas in the Mist.”

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