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The Latest Judd Family Drama Involves A GPS Tracking Device And A Mini Cooper

Looks like Ashley and Wynonna Judd are going through another sibling feud, and this one’s a doozy, even when compared to the last one, when Wynonna got married next door to Ashley’s house, didn’t invite her, and then giggled delightedly as her new husband fired a gun in Ashley’s general direction. Eesh. This time around the Judd drama is a little more high tech. Apparently when Ashley took her Mini Cooper to a mechanic last month to get it checked out, the mechanic uttered the only words more frightening than “You’re going to need a new transmission”: “Ummm, we just found a GPS tracking device hidden under your car.”

And guess who put it there? Wynonna! Keep reading »

Wynonna Judd’s New Husband Is Named Cactus; Are We Surprised He Brought A Gun To Their Wedding?

Shotgun Weddings
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“First of all, I saw the gun and I mean, I almost squealed out loud. He was very ‘Maverick.’ Right as Cactus went by Ashley [Judd]‘s house he fired his gun. I’m sure she really appreciated that if she was home. She was probably under the bed!”

Wynonna Judd tells Us Weekly about her recent Tennessee wedding to Cactus Moser, which gave a whole new meaning to the term “shotgun wedding.” Not only was sister Ashley left off the guest list (despite the fact that she lives next door), but Judd’s new husband decided to fire off his .44 Magnum as the newlyweds cruised past her house. A bit rude? Sure, but hey, life with a guy named “Cactus” is bound to be anything but ordinary. Congrats to the (trigger) happy couple! [Us Weekly]

Wynonna Judd Thinks Taylor Swift Is Too Young For So Much Success

Wow, Taylor Swift is on a roll. After headlining “Saturday Night Live” last weekend, Taylor swept the CMA awards last night winning the coveted “Entertainer of the Year” title at the ripe age of 19. Not everyone was thrilled with her win, though. Country legend Wynonna Judd sounded like sour grapes when she told USA Today: “You want my honest comment? It’s too much too soon. Time is God’s way of keeping everything from happening at once. It’s just too much of a good thing too soon.” Then she added that she worries someone who has achieved such great success at a young age won’t have anything else to work for afterward. “Now it’s over coffee breaks, the success, almost. You have to play catch up … It’s like the girl who wins an Oscar and she’s under 20. What do you do from here?” Something tells me Taylor Swift will figure it out just fine. “I never imagined that the unattainable thing that I dreamed about could happen to me at 19,” she said about her big win. “It’s a lot to absorb. So now the next challenge is to find the next challenge.” [via US Weekly] Keep reading »

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