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Romantic Or Bizarre: Boyfriend Waits In Line For 12 Hours For H&M Jimmy Choos

And you thought you were testing the limits of devotion when you asked your guy to pick up some tampons for you. Here’s the story of a man who waited in line for 12 hours with his Jimmy Choo-obsessed girlfriend so she could be the first to score a pair just in from the hotly anticipated H&M collection: ” … while her fiance Will, 28, filled a flask with tea, donned his thermals, packed a rucksack with blankets and dug out a golf umbrella and a couple of camping chairs, Kate focused on the things that really mattered – the stuff bearing the legend ‘Jimmy Choo for H&M’,” writes the Daily Mail. Apparently, when this London branch of the chain opened its doors, Will wasn’t the only boyfriend doing some shopping. “Rob, a 26-year-old graduate student from Texas, had queued since 11pm for his girlfriend Brie’s Christmas present and maybe a couple of bags for eBay.” Keep reading »

Bobbing For Boobies

Win a prize, cop a feel! Claw vending machines in Japan have been known to offer bizarre-o prizes like live crabs or turtles, cigarettes, underwear, power drills and packages of American $2 notes—so, by comparison, these busty stress relief balls seem vaguely normal. Or not. [Inventorspot] Keep reading »

WTF Are You Wearing There, K-Stew?

We don’t mean to sound harsh here, but it’s probably wise for Kristen Stewart to buckle down and get a stylist, or at least replace the one she’s presently working with, if she has one. She’s been looking a bit off at “New Moon” events all week, but when it comes to this getup, we can remain silent no more. Look closely at this very odd dress and notice the ill fit, unflattering silhouette and see-through panels that reveal her panty line and side boobs. What in the hell is going on here? Yes, the sheer trend is, like, a thing now, but it’s definitely one of those proceed-with-caution trends. We’re not even sure The Fashion Peacekeepers could find anything positive to say about this frock. It’s just puzzling. Keep reading »

Now Your Bustier Can Double As A Putting Green

I’ve heard of some strange lingerie in my time, but the Nice Cup in Bra, comin’ at ya straight outta Japan, is probably one of the more bizarre. That green bustier? It magically transforms into a putting green. In Japan, there’s a golfing boom among young women — “those women always on the go” — who, it seems, must sate their putting urges on the spot. The deets: “The mat is about 1.5 meters (5 feet) in length and has (unsurprisingly) two cups to aim for [and] small pockets for holding golf tees and scoring pencils.” If you make a whole-in-one, the bra exclaims, “Nice in!” The miniskirt turns into a flag that tells everyone to be quiet while you focus on the green. [Examiner] Keep reading »

This Snuggie Impersonator Must Be Stopped!

I never thought I’d be sitting here today defending the Snuggie, but after coming across this blatant rip-off called the “KN Kozy,” I feel like someone has to stand up for this gross injustice. Then again, upon closer inspection, we’re strangely drawn to Karen Neuberger’s ultra-plush copy. At $40 with a satin ribbon trim and “attractive gift tag included!” it’s like a fancier, new and improved version. Go ahead, ask anyone who has actually ordered the original blanket with sleeves and they will tell you the fabric is way lacking. Also, as Amelia points out, this oddly chic getup looks like something style icon Tilda Swinton might wear on the red carpet. Since it’s backless, she’ll want to be careful not to turn around and expose herself. [Karen Neuberger] Keep reading »

Get Dressed In The Dark?

Easily accessible these pants are not. Croatian designer Damir Doma certainly thinks outside of the box though, we’ll give him that much. [superfuture] Keep reading »

Need Toasty Digits? Ridic Gloves To The Rescue!

Office temperatures are spastic. During the summer it’s like an arctic chill of air conditioning, and come winter, you’ll do anything for more heat. I’m certainly the first one to snuggle under piles of sweaters and scarves, but these gloves might be just a little too much. Hook them up to a USB cord, and they heat your hands — sort of like the butt warmers in cars. A pair of hand-warmers with faux fur trim will cost you $27.75, but if your fingers are consistently freezing, this may be a great option. I’m not sold yet, but ask me again in a few months when the wind chill in Manhattan is below freezing. [CNET] Keep reading »

Selk Bags: The Least Fashionable Way To Stay Warm This Winter

The dilemma of winter fashion—most cute coats don’t actually keep you warm. So, you go the utilitarian route and zip up into a sporty North Face or something else equally puffy. Or, you take things one step further and just cover your entire body in weather-resistant material. Enter the Selk Bag, full-body suits made from sleeping bags. For those who are perpetually cold in the winter (no matter what), this is basically a dream garment. Same goes for people who like to literally roll out of bed. If only you didn’t have to look like an astronaut while you wear one … [What's Wrong With The Zoo] Keep reading »

Slutty Shorts Take The Zipper Trend Too Far

I love a zipper on my jeans. Way better than button fly. Hell, I’ll even take the odd zipper on a pair of shoes, or even those zipper earrings everyone was loving last year. But zippers on the side of these booty shorts in a style that has been dubbed “Boy Candy”? Well, everyone has their limits. [Inventor Spot] Keep reading »

Delfina Delettrez Finger Ring: Cool Or Creepy?

As a kid, did you ever have those plastic fingertips that let you pretend you had long, red nails? This finger ring by Delfina Delettrez kind of reminds us of that. Except this is the version for rich kids. Or something.

The silver accessory also has a customizable element—it comes with a bottle of nail polish, or you can paint your own color on to the nail. Red! Pink! Glitter! Have all the fun you want, and just change it out when you’re done. Hey, wait — doesn’t that mean that our own nails are customizable, too? Huh. And why did we want this ring again? [Style.com] Keep reading »

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