New Zealand Police Find $11 Million Of Cocaine In A Giant Sparkly Horse Head

You know, normal crime stuff. More »

These Parents Made Their Shitty Teenage Son Stay In A Tent, Because Teenagers Can Be Monsters

Teenagers are horrible monsters we let survive out of sheer fear and a tiny slice of empathy. More »

Nightmares Are Real: 20,000 Bees Chased This Car For Two Days

Dude, where’s my car? Oh, there it is, being chased by a swarm of 20,000 bees! Joking aside, this actually happened to someone and that must have been fucking terrifying. According to Metro, around 20,000 bees chased a car for 2 days because their queen got stuck in the car boot. In the bees’ defense, if… More »

There Is Now A Burger King Spa For Those Looking To Sweat Out More Meat

Have you ever found yourself sitting under the fluorescent lights of a fast food restaurant thinking, if only there were a sauna downstairs so I could sweat out this chili dog in the presence of naked strangers?! More »

Taking Photos Up Women’s Skirts Is Finally Not Something NYC Is Playing Around With Anymore

This creepy and invasive epidemic is sadly still ignored and considered legal in much of America. More »

What Counts As Incest? This Mom/Son Pair Don’t Know, So Let’s Review

People with “genetic sexual attraction” who pursue that attraction through “incredible and mind-blowing” sex are taking things to the next level. That level is called INCEST. More »

Before You Hate On Salad Cakes, Hear Me Out

Maybe this is the salad we’ve deserved all along. More »

Woman Ordered Photos Of Her Ghost Daughter To Cover Up Murder

Sometimes the story of a crime is so surreal it sounds more like the plot of an arthouse film than an actual violent crime. More »

Giant Rat Crawls On Sleeping Subway Passenger To Remind You That NYC Is a Trash Island

Nooooooooooope! More »

Netflix Has Been Lying To You About Capping Your Data

But they’re trying to fix it. More »

Madonna Got In Trouble For Putting Fake ‘No Parking’ Signs On Her Block

I kind of assumed she just rented limos, so maybe this somehow humanizes her? More »

Mariah Carey’s New Manager Is Tearing Her Squad Apart

As messy and horrific as this all sounds, it’s probably going to make for some riveting television. More »

‘Nina’ Distributor Thinks Insinuating Racism Will Make Us Hop On His Sinking Ship Of a Movie

I mean, he’s basically saying that if we don’t see this movie we’re all racists, right? More »

One Of The Creeps Behind the Celebrity Nude Photo Hack Has Been Caught

But how many more creeps were in this gross army? More »

Laura Bush Forgets To Blame Her Husband While Pointing Out America’s Current Xenophobia

Denial is a hell of a drug. More »

J.K. Rowling Writes Innacurate Native American History Into Her New Story, Gets Her Wig Snatched

Does “J.K.” stand for “Just Kidding?” More »

That Knife the LAPD Officer Took Home A Decade Ago Probably Not the OJ Murder Weapon

But isn’t it nice to think that crucial evidence from other cases could just be sitting under an old box of comics in someone’s garage? More »

Phish-loving Bernard Sanders Is Just Trolling Us Now

Trying to get us into jam bands in 2016. More »

Cool, the Nina Simone Biopic That No One Wanted Is Hitting Theaters Soon

Is it possible to sue a movie trailer for assault? More »

Vacationers Find Corpse On Airbnb Property

Next season, on Serial? More »

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