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Lily’s Top 10 “WTF Was I Thinking?” Clothing Purchases

I wouldn’t say I have a shopping “problem.” It’s more like a really dedicated interest in what I consider to be one of the more exhilarating sports on earth. As with any great athlete, though, I sometimes screw it up. And even floating in the ever-expanding sea that is my wardrobe, those screw ups make…

Lily Q / June 24, 2010

Leonora’s Top 10 “WTF Was I Thinking?” Clothing Purchases

I’m there with Jessica and Susannah in wondering “WTF Was I Thinking?” when I bought that … I sometimes fail to believe that I am indeed a fashion blogger (and one who even tries to blog from a budget-friendly point of view!) and yet I hardly ever follow my own advice. (Although, to be fair,…

Leonora Epstein / June 23, 2010

Susannah’s Top 10 “WTF Was I Thinking?” Clothing Purchases

Our Jessica offered up her list of top 10 “WTF Was I Thinking?” clothing purchases, and now it’s my turn. While Jessica may have found her fashion troubles while looting dead old ladies’ houses, my most atrocious fashion crimes were committed across the country. If you can handle the harrowing horrors of red snakeskin vinyl…

Susannah Breslin / June 22, 2010