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Poll: Who Had The Worst Valentine’s Day?

Hi there. I hope everyone had a splendid Valentine’s Day. Mine was about as uneventful as it gets. A shout out to my mom for being the only person to wish me Happy V-Day! Woot woot! Don’t worry, you are not detecting a whiff of bitterness emanating from this gal. I had a perfectly fine February 14th. But I can’t say the same for everyone. Some peoples’ Valentine’s Day bombed. After the jump, I’ll leave it up to you to vote for who had the worst Valentine’s Day. Keep reading »

Tell Us Your Valentine’s Day Sob (Or Love) Story

I don’t know about you, but I usually spend Feb. 14 either in a fight with a boy or sulking at home. Valentine’s Day might be the most emotionally charged day of the year, and we are dying to hear about how you’ve spent it over the years (not only because misery loves company — we also still want to believe in love). Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be sharing readers’ stories about wonderful, lovey-dovey, jealousy-inducing Valentine’s Days, as well as V-Days that are so heartbreaking they’re sure to inspire a country song. So, send us your tales — but keep them to 500 words or less, please — and we’ll pick a few of our favorites to post. To submit, just email vdaytales@thefrisky.com by Monday, Feb. 9, and include either “Best Valentine’s Day” or “Worst Valentine’s Day” in the subject. Keep reading »

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