worst of 2009

Love & Sex

Despite the slack economy, people still spent their time and money on entertainment this year, and it wasn’t always worth it. Need proof? Check out these low moments of on-screen sexuality. From the silver screen to live television, here are 2009’s worst offenders of tasteless, icky or just plain unsexy sex scenes. … READ MORE »

Love & Sex

No matter what stage your breakup is in, a good song helps. Whether you’re swollen from crying or red with rage, it’s comforting to know that someone else has felt the same anger, regret and pain that you’re feeling. Here are some of 2009’s best songs for drowning (out) your sorrows. … READ MORE »


During the holidays, gift ideas abound. But if you’re a guy, you know shopping for a woman isn’t easy. And heaven forbid you get her the wrong gift. Then you get that look. And you might end up spending New Year’s eve alone. After the jump, the top 20 gifts a man should never, ever… READ MORE »


You know, one should never jump to conclusions too quickly. For example, maybe you’ve seen a music video or two this year, and thought, “This is the worst music video of the year.” But then, late in December, you see a music video that is quite possibly not only the worst video of… READ MORE »